My Drawing on Draw Something 2
My Drawing on Draw Something 2

I think that ‘The Girl That Dripped Blood’ is probably the most sinister drawing I have created so far.

I was Google searching ‘girl smoking’ to use for a drawing that I was doing of Catwoman and flirtatiously wanting to place a cigarette in her mouth when I came across an oil canvas of a creepy girl smoking.  I used just the cigarette for Catwoman letting it seductively hang from her mouth like it did in the painting.

The next word I was offered as an option after ‘smoke’ was the word ‘blood’ so I based my drawing on the oil canvas removing the cigarette, changing the background, taking the roses out of her hair and adding more blood.

I felt it was an easy draw as I just began with the basics using a pen, sketching the head and neck with a skin-tone colour and black for the hair.  I worked on the background using water colours of dark blue, black and green and then added the red towards the end trying to create a macabre atmosphere.

For the skin I used the water colour brushes for the shading, pink, red and browns.  I used an eraser for the whites of her eyes then covered them with a black highlighter hoping to get the effect of the shadow under her fringe.

The lips and blood is a dark brown pen with a tiny bit of red and black highlighter.  There are a few strokes of the white highlighter in places on her chin, nose, lips and hair.

I was tempted to overdo it with the blood but held back and just kept to random splashes and seeping.

The Girl That Dripped Blood is a title I have given my drawing based on a British horror movie from the 70s called The House That Dripped Blood, great cast and four short stories to keep you amused.  The tagline for the movie is “TERROR waits for you in every room” If there was ever a remake then I would love to see an actress that looked like my drawing or used as a painting on the wall for a prop.

I used to draw all the time... then there was a very long gap till I acquired a Draw Something addiction that began in March 2012 which threw me into the world of digital drawing. I now mainly use a drawing app called Sketch Club and have recently created a website for a drawing game my friend and I have invented called Monkey Side Bars. Monkey Side Bars is a twice-a-week drawing game where you are challenged to a piece of art on a specific theme. Players take turns selecting the theme for each round. On the reveal date for each round, we co-ordinate a mass posting to Instagram simultaneously across the globe (see posting times and collages). Be sure to check your posting time. The game is open to all who wish to participate. We welcome all levels of skill from beginners to hobbyists to professionals. All you need is a creative mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to try. You might have heard it through the ape vine… This game will have you hooked on the monkey bars. Like a monkey likes a banana… it has that appeal. Come monkey around with us and see what all the fuss is about.


  1. aww, isn’t she adorable! And, oh yes, you showed excellent restraint with not having her drip too much blood or anything! 😀

    Given how intense it is, it’s a surprisingly engaging piece!

  2. I was frightened drawing her Vanessa! But then afterwards couldn’t stop staring at it – graveyard opposite me too!! Eek!

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