Head to thigh portraits of Second Life avatar Strawberry Singh's body shape over the past 6 years of her virtual life

Avatar Shape Gallery

A police lineup type shot of avatar bodies, except in this case all 5 bodies are one person, Second Life avatar Strawberry Singh. The difference between the 5 avatars in this avatar shape gallery photo is that it's showing the shape of her avatar: body fat, height, arm length, and so on, over the past 6 years of her avatar life.

Body Image in the Real (virtual) World

Where can you find an avatar shape gallery of real avatars as they live in the world? Why, at Berry’s Avatar Shape Gallery @Alice in Cornelland @LEA11 in Second Life, of course, where else!? For the 3rd summer in a row, Berry has asked us,

What’s Your Digits?


Several dozen naked avatars stand on the beach, men in Michelangelo "David" poses and women in Bouguereau "Venus" poses. The all have unique faces, skin, hair and so on, but their height, body thickness, arm length, etc are all equal, they are all the "average avatar" as calculated by Strawberry Singh and Vaki Zenovka

VB26 – Average

Two years ago Vaki took the data peeps contributed to Berry’s question and calculated the “average” female & male avatar. VB/CO took the Berry/Vaki data and asked peeps to “make themselves average.” To take their own face and head shape, their own skin and hair, and to add the average torso, legs, arms, and so on. The result was VB26 – Average, performed on the beach at Biscuit Bay, An Li, the barbell shaped islands where Agnes, Smilla, Lana, and I used to live.

This year for What’s Your Digits 3, we’re opening another Berry’s Monday Challenge Gallery at Alice in Cornelland at LEA11. As we did 2 weeks ago with the movie posters, everyone is invited to come put up your poster.

Avatar Shape Gallery

1. Go to Berry’s Meme Gallery #2 @LEA11

Sample image of an avatar "buying" a poster at the Strawberry Singh avatar shape gallery at LEA11

2. There you’ll see lots of posters, currently with the “Moo’s Digits” graphic on them. They are all “For Sale for L$0″ Just touch any 1 to “buy” it. When you buy it, it will not be delivered to your inventory, instead, the one right there on the ground will become yours.

Example image of avatar dragging texture from their inventory onto a prim at the avatar shape gallery in Second Life

3. Then just drag your poster image from your inventory onto the poster you bought. Remember to put your graphic on the Front AND BACK. All of the posters are 2.5m wide x 2.5m tall. If your poster is more or less wide than the sample, just make yours more narrow or more wide as appropriate. But please keep the height at 2.5m for consistency.

4. That’s it! Take a pix of your new installation and show your friends!

L I N K Y . L I N K Y

• Strawberry Singh.com / What’s Your Digits 3
• Strawberry Singh.com / What’s Your Digits 2
• Strawberry Singh.com / What’s Your Digits 1
• Flickr / Berry’s What’s Your Digits Group
• iRez.me / VB26 Average / Performance Document
• iRez.me / VB26 Average / Previz
• Insert Funny Name Here / So What’s “Average”? by Vaki Zenovka
• SL-URL / Berry’s Challenge Gallery #2 @ Alice in Cornelland @ LEA11

Several dozen naked female and male avatars participating in VB26 Average. The avatars stand in a configuration on the beach and the photograph is a view of them from the backside.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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    1. Yessy! All true! The only thing bigger than the epicness of all this juicy data is… of course… the groanfulness of your puns!

      (not, mind you, that peeps who invent words like “groanfulness” should be dissin anybody else’s anything! O_o


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