Parody poster for the film "Inception" featuring avatars in a virtual world as characters from the film narrative

Berry’s Monday Meme: Inception

Parody image of the poster for the film Inception, featuring Vanessa Blaylock and others in the roles of the film characters.

Here’s my entry for Berry’s “Monday Meme Challenge.”
Click the image to see it in full sized glory.
Poster text reads:


the dream has become their reality

Vanessa Blaylock is COBB, The Extractor
Lyssa Varun is ARIADNE, The Architect
Fiona Blaylock is SAITO, The Tourist
Agnes Sharple is ARTHUR, The Point Man
Monerda Skute is EAMES, The Forger
Trilby Minotaur is YUSUF, The Chemist
Mikati Slade is FISHER, The Mark
Yordie Sands is MAL, The Lost Soul

Meanwhile at Berry’s Monday Meme Gallery at LEA11: after being open for 24 hours… 25 peeps have already come by to put up their posters:
Berry's Monday Meme Gallery at LEA11. Strawberry Singh's gallery featuring avatar made movie posters drawing analogies between film imagery and their own virtual lives and virtual identity

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As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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