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I am a Minecraftian. Maybe subpar, rather newbish, I am a Minecraftian. I first heard about Minecraft from my son, who babbled constantly about a new ‘lego type’ game I should try as well as good friends of mine from another virtual world, where immersion is the key element to successful game-play. Pixel Potential, is my attempt to share Minecraft’s most valuable assets, and that is user generated content be it builds, servers, mods, videos, pictures, even skin!

I highly recommend downloading the full PC version of Minecraft, which costs a one time fee of $26.95, in order to get the most out of your Minecraft game-play. For me it is just easier to try other players servers and test out mods and such, of which I will talk about later on. If you’re using Minecraft Pocket Edition (non demo version), you have the option of downloading Multiplayer for Minecraft PE, which is a third party app, released by Innovative Devs. The official Multiplayer Minecraft PE version from Mojang is still in testing, and may or may not have a monthly fee. Guess we’ll have to see :/

So you’ve downloaded either a demo, pocket or full version of the latest release of Minecraft. You’ve watched countless tutorials, machinima, you’ve asked friends, visited blogs, maybe even played a bit on Survival Mode, but you’re really wanting to explore just how far your imagination will go. Welcome to Creative Mode!

Today was my first day, ever, playing Minecraft on Creative. I’m not really sure why I hesitated in the beginning, it might be a Pisces thing. I tend to be a purist (ha!) and am used to gathering my resources via Survival mode. There really is something satisfying about hunting for your own food, planting your own garden, chopping your own wood, mining your own cobblestone and ore.

And so playing on Creative, is foreign to me and I guess I’ve been missing out! There are four modes that you can play in, creative, survival, hardcore and adventure. In Creative, the first thing you’ll notice is your inventory. There is no need to fly or walk around and start punching trees, you have planks, sticks and ores at your fingertips. Your inventory on Creative Mode has it all.

The first image was taken on a Multiplayer Server called Majestic Creative, and is free, open to all players, no matter what level you consider yourself. What I really like about this server are the huge land plots that are already parceled out and registered to you, after you pass through ‘that’ Nether Portal. Do click on the link for more information about joining.

As you can see, I’ve a bit to go yet with my parcel plot. I was thinking about creating a sort of garden escape, or maybe a giant replica of the Space Needle, who knows!

If you’re just getting your feet wet in this amazing virtual world, I recommend a good knowledge of the Minecraft Wiki as well as joining The Minecraft Forums. These resources are trustworthy in my opinion, and the forums is where I most always download any new or updated user modifications to MC. (which we will talk about soon!)

My daughter’s latest creation… Can you guess who this is?


Our potential, both in the real and virtual, is only limited by  our knowledge, and how much time we are willing to spend learning and applying this knowledge. And Minecraft, is just one of many doors that can help us to attain that potential! Do visit each of the hyperlinks mentioned above and if you would like to join me at Majestic Creative, feel free to ping me 😉


I've been a resident of Second Life in various incarnations since 2007. My blog Cozey SL comes from my love of writing. I'm also an amateur SL snapshot/photo manipulator. I delights in all things colorful and wonky and am a Pisces. I'm also an avid Minecrafter, and If you've got a server to share, PING ME! :) Cozey SL

3 thoughts on “Pixel Potential – The ‘Minecraftian’

  1. OMG Wendz, yay!

    It’s been so nice meeting you through Avatar Blogger Month, and WoW, thank you so much for joining us here at iRez with your wonderful Minecraft article! George Coghill wrote a very nice Minecraft article for iRez TEN months ago, and in all this time lazy Vanessa hasn’t managed to get the thing! FINALLY about a week ago I bought the Minecraft Pocket Edition for my iPad. I’ve only had a few minutes to play with it so I’m barely learning, but you’re inspiring me to play with it more and to download the PC version.

    I imagine the PC version is much deeper and richer. I went for the iPad / Pocket Edition, haha, well, it was cheap, and also I thought it’d give me something to play with on the iPad.

    Your blog, Cozey SL:

    Is such a fun and bright place. I really love reading your posts about SL or Minecraft. I guess your son gets a gold star for keeping you on the cutting edge! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks again for joining us over here, and I do hope you’ll return with another Minecraft adventure, or anything else you’d like to talk about, one of these days. Meanwhile I’ve gotta develop a bit of Minecraft skill, and eventually meetup with you on a server somewhere.


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