Bing world map focused on South America and with a pushpin on Caracas, Venezuela

Internet Time

Internet Time: Bing world map focused on South America and with a pushpin on Caracas, Venezuela
Vaneeesa Blaylock, international woman of mystery!


How 5 seconds becomes an hour.

Internet Time: Yesterday I submitted a proposal for an LEA land grant. It includes a lot of images. And a long list of links to image sources. Looking at it today I thought I really have to make that a 2 column link list so it won’t be so ridiculously long on the page. Our WooThemes “Scrollider” theme includes “shortcodes” for columns, but I work in “Text” mode and you can only get to them (if you didn’t memorize them) in “Visual” mode. Unfortunately, if you ever dare click on “Visual” then the WP Editor will strip out a lot of your HTML from your “Text” post. So you can’t go there. (I guess the grown up way to deal with this is to write Child Themes with lots of CSS to fix the holes in your theme so you never have to have any breaks or other formatting in your post)

Internet Time: WordPress

So, I opened a new instance of iRez so I could look at a new post and find out what the shortcode for columns is without messing up the existing post. Of course when I opened WordPress, I was informed that one of our plugins, WooDojo had an update. I couldn’t get to it right away, so I had to click in and out of Plugins a couple of times and then got to a link for the update. When I clicked that our web host, WP Engine, reminded me how updating a plugin could inadvertently break any number of things and did I want to do a site backup before the update?

I said yes.

Internet Time: Facebook

WP Engine said “great,” working on it. We’ll send you an email when it’s done and then you can proceed with your plugin update. So I went to gmail where the “Howdy” from WP Engine that my backup was done was already waiting for me. However right next to that email was one from Facebook notifying me that someone logged into my account from Caracas yesterday, and was that really me and that as a safety precaution they’d locked my account. So I followed that link and told the nice watching-my-back peeps at FB that no, I wasn’t in Caracas yesterday. So they said, k, let’s change your password, please make it strong, and if you used that old password on other sites, you should probably change them too.

While I was on Facebook I got a message from my friend Eupalinos letting me know that the application period for LEA land grants was open, if I wanted to apply. I told him that I’d applied yesterday and gave him the link to the post I made yesterday – the one that started this post, the one with the very long link list, that still has a very long link list because I haven’t fixed it yet. haha but just as soon as I go back and install that WooDojo update, then I can figure out the columns shortcode and go back to the LEA proposal and make it multicolumn and less ridiculously long.

And that my friends, as if you didn’t already know, is how 5 seconds becomes an hour in internet time.

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Caracas… really?

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  1. Someone tried to get into yoru FB account? Creepy!

    But yeah, I recognize the spending-too-much-time-on-stupid-things-on-the-internet thing myself as well.

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