Glitch Art Image - an avatar with unrendered hair that is large polygons of textureless grey

Previz #72 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

Glitch Art Image - an avatar with unrendered hair that is large polygons of textureless grey

OMG AYFKM!? The man, the myth, the legend, Ze Moo has done a previz for a VB/CO Parade? Believe it or not I’m here to tell you, it’s all true. I’m happy to present:

Z E . M O O ‘ S

VB48 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

Saturday 23 February ’13
10am SLT / 18:00 GMT / 5a Sunday AEDT

From Mr. Moo:

[quote style=”boxed”]
I have another suggestion for your great series of avatar parades: the Glitch Avatar Pride Parade! All avatars with disjunctures, or with unrezzed textures, missing prims, wrong attachments, unsharp, low resolution and other things not working as they are ‘supposed to’ technically! Also, totally grey: hairs, prims, skin. In virtual worlds it’s about learning to love imperfections & failing technologies, glitches, otherwise we’ll never be happy, because technology is never gonna be satisfying if we demand perfection because it will always, glitch! No matter how technological advanced we get, I am convinced of this.

Also contact Pyewacket Kazyanenko and Patrick Lichty, and check out the Glitch art communities. Jo Ellsmere’s latest installation also has beautiful avatar 3D glitchy animations. Rosa Menkman is an important dutch artist in the international glitch art scene.

Installation photograph to inspire Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

3 thoughts on “Previz #72 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

    1. In the beginning god started creating from the bottom up… first hell… then the glitch… and she saw that it was good. In fact she liked the glitch so much she decided not to bother creating earth or heaven after all. She just took a glitch knife, cut the blueprint in half, and threw the heaven and earth part away.

      The humans protested loudly: we need terra firma! Philip promised a perfect world. And heaven when we’re done. She just laughed and dismissed their pleas. “The glitch is life.”

      A glitch free world is like rows of dead butterflies pinned to a board: pretty, but dead. The glitch is life.

      Every creative act in human history has at its root, a glitch: an unexpected, unpredictable, chaotic perturbation that took the process in a new and unexpected direction. Every act of human cruelty, all the genocide in human history, have at their roots, an unscratchable urge to destroy the glitch, to make our world a place of perfect rows of dead butterflies. The glitch is life.

      For a thousand years the human austerity program crushed the glitch and made humans walk in lock-step toward the promise of a glitch-free world. Crushed and humiliated the glitch waited deep within the human spirit, waiting for a time when it would be summoned forth by the true human soul.

      Even in the vaulted perfection of the Gothic cathedral stands the Frankenstein of cathedrals: Chartres. The austerity program waged on yet Chartres was a beacon that the glitch could never be crushed. Lost to humanity for a thousand years, Chartres was the first glitch of the modern age. A beacon of life and creativity and unpredictability and an insistence that the true human spirit had not been crushed, could never be crushed, and would make a resurgence in a Renaissance of glitchy innovation and creativity.

      Darwin’s theory of the the best glitch for a given milieu changed science and culture forever.

      In the modern world we can accurately predict the tides for the next ten thousand years, yet we cannot accurately predict the weather for even a couple of days from now. The monotonous turn of the moon around the earth is utterly predictable and boring. The weather, by contrast, is a glitchy process that cannot be tamed by even the largest, most powerful earth simulator computers the human race has ever created.

      One day a butterfly flaps its wings in the rain forest; a few weeks later there’s a Glitch Avatar Pride Parade in Second Life.

      The glitch is life.

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