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Strawberry Singh photo from the splash page at

Know what they call virtual photographer Strawberry Singh in the hallways of Linden Lab in San Francisco, California? It’s not Ms. Singh or Strawberry or even Berry… they simply refer to her as The Legend of The Lab.

If you visit and you’re “logged in” you’ll go straight to your dashboard. If you’re not logged in you’ll probably see a photo by Berry like the one above. She’s too modest to pimp her own stuff here on iRez, but I was excited to learn that you can get a gift certificate for her services from Second Life Marketplace.

Image of Strawberry Singh gift certificates for L$1500 and L$2000
Photography gift certificates available on SL Marketplace

If you’re unfamiliar with the Linden Dollar (L$) you can find the current exchange rate on Twitter @LindenWatch: as I write this, €1 = L$335 and US$1 = L$260, so as you can see, the certificates offer virtual world class photography at painfully modest prices!

A 'sith' with a red lightsaber leaps upon her blue-lightsabered jedi opponent

Yesterday Ravanel published a powerful set of images of a lightsaber battle she captured in Star Wars The Old Republic. She prefaced her work with “I’m no Berry,” but here they are. I thought the photography was excellent and commented, “if Berry is virtual photography’s Miles Aldridge, then certainly you are its Chris Hondros.”

Being “the virtual Miles Aldridge” is a pretty great thing, and you’d hardly think of that as limiting in any way, still, thinking about Ravanel’s pix, one wonders if Berry couldn’t expand her practice. Indeed doesn’t she owe a gift like hers to the larger MMOiverse? Couldn’t Berry also be the virtual Lynsey Addario or Nan Goldin? Lifeforms on other worlds like WoW, SW-TOR, and so many others need great images too Berry!

On a related note, Ravanel’s currently working on a field trip for us for March, so we may all get to be virtual photojournalists for a day! Stay tuned for details!

R E L A T E D . M A T E R I A L S
Strawberry Singh / SL Marketplace
Strawberry / Photography
Berry’s portfolio on iRez

Ravanel / Lightsaber photojournalism
Ravanel on iRez

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Singh Gift Certificates

    1. aww, I knew you’d be blushing as I wrote it, but it’s almost valentines, and it’s all true, so I went ahead.

      OMG, I’m such a dope! In all the excitement I totally failed to mention that… there’s even MORE excitement! WHO but our own Yordie Sands is opening a virtual travel agency!!! So I’m sure we’ll have yet more pimping of cool stuff by amazing peeps coming in the near future. When you can travel with the great adventurer, why would you travel with anyone else!?*

      * persons susceptible to motion sickness might prefer to skip Ms. Sands, hmm… “inspired” boating skills as featured on her Blake Sea Speedboat Tours.

  1. That’s amazing, Berry! You know that you’ve turned me into a Berry-fan without me ever having been ‘in’ SL, right? That has to mean something. ^^

    Oh and FYI, I live under a rock, so I learned a lot about Aldridge and Hondros today – brilliant! I must point out that it’s usually more dangerous for others than for myself when I take pictures, especially I’m supposed to be healing the whole group and I err, might not really be able to do so while handling the ‘camera’. 😛

    So far I’ve only heard of Van wanting to make a trip into MMO world, but I would be honoured if you’d want to come along as well. 🙂

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