Demo`s are forever.

I love boxing. Demo-boxing! Here I am wearing a lovely demo hair, really cool muscle demo skin,

demo mens shorts, demo cropped tank and awesome demo high sneakers. And of course demo boxing gloves.

Those are great fun!






Who`s up for a demo fight?


Later I got dressed up for a night out. Here I am wearing a great demo dress. and lovely demo hair with a nice white demo tag above head. Demo tights, shoes and tattoo. Oh and demo necklace and bracelet. The only thing not demo are my socks, eyes and shape.




There is a Demo Punk group in SL as well.

We wear very cheap, but good quality DEMO and freebie skins/clothes/items  and we are proud of it!


Demo`s are a girls best friend! Yay!



A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having!

6 thoughts on “Demo`s are forever.

  1. Oh wow Agnes, who knew there was a DEMO PUNK group, founded, of course, by resident “Demo Ho” you can even join it for free here:

    Of course my not-husband Ze Moo is already a member of the group! That man knows everything!

    We should mention that, aside from your eternal love of Demo, you might also be mentioning this now because of the upcoming DEMO PARADE on Sat 9 Feb!

    Ooooo, can’t wait to get My Demo On!!!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, for posting the group link. I`m still, after more than four years in SL a bit noob`ish, so I didn`t figure out how to do that. Ha ha ha.

      Yes, your not-husband De Moo, sorry Ze Moo is also in that group.

      Can`t wait for the demo parade to happen!

  2. Demo punk, awesome! I surely wouldn’t have thought about that.

    And wow, Demo-skin? Some things in SL still make me shudder. Perhaps it just feels a bit too realistic for me. 😛

    1. hahaha, Anybody can wreak galactic mayhem and face neo-feudal lords! But only the truly courageous and fearless can wear new skin… or don the infamous DEMO SKIN! 😛

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