Beachwood Club: House Music UK SL

avatars dancing at a virtual dance club
s a f f r o n and Xue dancing at the Beachwood Club


I went to a fun dance club I hadn’t been to before, The Beachwood Club, a house dance club of UK / Second Life. Great tunes, cool DJ’s and I met a couple of cool peeps, s a f f r o n, and Rob Danton. haha, I saw s a f f r o n right away and wanted to say “hi,” but there was text over her head that said: idiots need not apply, so I thought I’d just shut up. But then she IM’d me and complimented my dancing and we wound up talking for a long time.

Then Rob came and danced with us. He makes RL & SL films. Plus he hates Facebook, so he’s obviously smart! πŸ˜› s a f f r o n ‘s just over 2 years old, like 3 months older than me. Rob’s flippin SEVEN years old!!! But he’s not creepy at all and didn’t seem to be wearing a trench coat. Anyway, Beachwood is a cool club with cool tunes and at least sometimes you meet cool peeps. The only downside is that the dance floor is made of glass and it’s wicked slippery! I totally thought I was gonna fall on my butt so many times in the not-so-brilliant-choice-for-dancing wedges I was wearing. Somehow I didn’t, but then funny thing, even though she had the Adidas on, s a f f r o n wound up smacking her ass on the glass – TWICE! Ouchy! She said it didn’t hurt, but I think she was fibbin’.

β€’ Beachwood
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avatars dancing at a virtual dance club with one falling and about to land on her butt
By some miracle it was saffron who fell on her butt and not me! Who ever thought that glass was a good idea for a dance floor??


Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

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