2 thoughts on “VB42 – Avatar Pride Parade – Machinima

  1. OMG Fuschia the miracle worker! You shot this machinima just minutes before running over to Graine Macbain’s gallery for your own opening of “Winter Outlined”

    Peeps should totally head over to the gallery to see your fantastic installation. We’re so used to seeing the 3D Virtual World in, you know, 3D… and your transformation of landscape and avatars alike into 2D sketchy presences within a 3D topographic space is aesthetically pleasing and conceptually resonant.

    As for the Pride Parade machinima, thank you so much for shooting these! I’m glad in the 2nd one we don’t see poor Blueberry Blintz get flattened by a truck! And it’s nice to see so many different avatars in motion across the varied landscapes of this university archipelago.

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