Gallery Graine Sculpture Garden

Fuschia Nightfire Art Opening

Gallery Graine Sculpture Garden
Installation by Fuschia Nightfire


Winter Outlined

Gallery Graine’s Sculpture Garden is proud to announce the grand opening of Winter Outlined by Fuschia Nightfire, a sculptural ‘sketch’ of a winter scene, with an interesting use of invisible prims. This is an interactive installation, with a free outline avatar that you can wear to skate on the frozen water alongside the sculptured figures. Come and meet Fuschia and skate to the music of Whirli Placebo

Saturday January 12

12-2pm PDT / SLT
20:00 – 22:00 GMT
SLURL: Gallery Graine Sculplture Garden

~ ALMOST HUMAN ~ Artist, part human, part cyborg, but always PINK

1 thought on “Fuschia Nightfire Art Opening

  1. Wow Fuschia! I was just at your opening a few hours ago — this landscape you have created, and populated with sketchy, oultine avatars, is an inspired reimagining of a virtual world of spaces and avatars that we know so well.

    If less was ever more, it is here where you have created so much depth and resonance with richly stylish, yet at least volumetrically minimal, avatars on a frozen virtual lake.

    Congratulations to you and your gallerist Graine Macbain, it’s an enormously inspiring and satisfying installation.

    I do hope you’ll do another post with a few pix and perhaps a few thoughts, from the opening.

    Congratulations! Bravo!!

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