Fiona Blaylock’s Birthday

black and white polaroid photo of Fiona blaylock in a heavy coat standing in a wooded area

Fiona Blaylock’s Birthday

It’s my big sister’s birthday today. Boxing Day Baby! We hung out for a while at her trailer – yes – true – she sold off her art gallery for a mobile home!! We’re hooking up later for shopping and maybe a party at the trailer. Yes, dancing I’m sure! It’s at 6pm Pacific Time (SLT) Wed, aka 02:00 GMT Thursday. In case you want to meetup, her trailer is parked here:

black and white aerial photo of the Lutra region of Second Life showing the fields running from the trestle bridge out to the bay, and including Fiona Blaylock's mobile home parked on a dry, grassy knoll
Fiona’s trailer’s parked in Lutra on a dry, grassy knoll about halfway between the bridge and the bay.


Time, Time, Time

Four years. Wow. I think her first life has had more events and life changes than her second in that time, but they’ve both been pretty eventful. She’s been away and back and away and back and yes the art gallery is now a trailer. On birthdays, your own, or that of the Gregorian (or Mayan) calendar, we tend to reminisce about days gone by and days to come. She asked the bittersweet question, “I can’t help wondering what I might have accomplished if I hadn’t come to a virtual world?”

Fiona and Vaneeesa Blaylock having drinks on the deck outside Fiona's mobile home.

I hope we meet up later in the day for a little philosophy, or shopping, or dancing, or all the above. I tweeted our cousin Hannah Blaylock about it – it’d be so cool if her band Eden’s Edge was in town to come by.

Happy Birthday sis!!


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