Close up of a fancy dressed elf walking backwards on her many coloured steed

It’s LOTRO Spice!

Perhaps you remember how I posted a happy Ravanel on my Tower of Orthanc deed steed, Ironhoof, a while ago (see Ironhoof and my epic win). Yesterday I acquired his older brother, the Steed of Many Colours, and I’m at least as happy as back then!

In order to get the Steed of Many Colours, you need to defeat all bosses of the Tower of Orthanc raid in Challenge mode – sort of like synchronized swimming, but then online. Defeating them is not enough, you have to do it a certain way. And even though we’re all 10 levels above the intended level and everything is a bit easier, I’m still really happy to have finally completed these challenges.

You can’t see it on the pictures (I should have made a movie!), but the fabric on the horse changes colours, making it sort of look like a running disco ball.

Did someone say disco ball? And who’s that chick on the horse wearing baby colours? It must be… no it cannot be… it’s LOTRO Spice!

You can read a detailed account of Ravanel’s adventures to acquire the Steed of Many Colours in Lore-master of many colours (Ravalation).

LOCATION: Plains of the Sutcrofts, Rohan (Lord of the Rings Online)
IN PHOTO: Ravanel and her Steed of Many Colours

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