Yordie & Pearl @ Calas Galadhon's Journey to the Lost City - Second Life 2012

Virtual Halloween!

If virtual world Second Life was a country, and some of us think it is, then Halloween would certainly be its national holiday. I know there will be some who’ll disagree, but you don’t have to be around SL for long to discover the inner pagan lurking inside as All Hallow’s Evening draws near. Sure, it’s mostly about dressing up as witches, vampires, ghouls and even superheroes, but it’s also about parties and building haunted houses, even entire frightening regions.

For hardcore party goers, like yours truly, Halloween actually began over two weeks ago in Second Life, maybe even earlier. I say that because I attended my first costume party back then and have found all kinds of other Halloween activities since.  In a few hours, Halloween partying will reach its climax as the official witchy night closes in.  So, this is the perfect time to get in the mood for some inworld adventure.

Halloween @ KamaSutra Exotic Dance Club - Second Life by Canary Beck 2012
When she’s not writing for her blog and iRez salon,
Canary Beck is running the KamaSutra Exoitic Dance club.
The club is a wonderful venue to visit but a few nights ago
it was overrun by the undead and the party continued for hours!
(Photo by Canary “Becky” Beck)
Halloween @ Second Life New England by Yordie Sands 2012
Also last weekend, another swarm of eery partygoers took over
the quiet haunted house in Second Life New England.
Yordie & Pearl Explore Barkerville @ Malaika Ashera - Second Life 2012
There are entire sims filled with ghoulish delights,
Here I am with Pearl Grey, exploring Barkerville,
an entire ghost town of undead delights.
Yordie & Pearl @ Calas Galadhon's Journey to the Lost City - Second Life 2012
Truck & Tymus, owners of Calas Galadhon have opened a portal,
a journey through the Castle Graveyard to a second portal,
trough dense jungles and a Journey to the Lost City.
Yordie & Pearl @ Calas Galadhon's Journey to the Lost City - Second Life 2012
If you follow the clues and follow your instincts,
you’ll find your way to the lost world and somewhere
in the vast jungle, with deadly surprises, you may
find the Lost City.

I’ve only attended a half-dozen events so far this Halloween; admittedly, down from my record ten parties a couple of years back. But in Second Life, the clock is only approaching noon, so lots of time for this night of fright.

Here are some links to Barkerville and the Castle Graveyard @ Calas Galadhon.




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  1. Awesome Yordie! And funny “coincidence” that this coincides with your Burn2 coverage — oh my — Halloween, Second Life, MMORPG’s, Burn2, Burning Man — wait — I’m starting to get it!!! 🙂

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