Diary #38: 1984 – 2001 – 2012

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, 1984 — I guess the reason you’re supposed to do a “Diary” as it happens and not years later is so you don’t have to write “gosh, we were so young” on every picture! Anyway, summer of ’84 and we were on Martha’s Vineyard. Fiona was 17 and I was 15. IDK how old the Campbells were. I just remember the boys really liked Patty. Mo was super nice though.

1984 photo of 5 girls piled, gently, on top of each other: Fiona Blaylock, Patty Campbell, Mo Campbell, Debbie Mettert, Vaneeesa Blaylock
Top to bottom: Fiona Blaylock, Patty Campbell, Mo Campbell, Debbie Mettert, Vaneeesa Blaylock

WORM, ROTTERDAM, 2001 — I started working for Halliburton in The Hague in 2001, it was a relatively serious time for me. That summer Fiona came to visit me for a couple of weeks. I was 32 then. Fiona was 34. Anyway, she was digging through my “time capsule” (bottomless box of pix and ticket stubs and sketches and crap) and she dug up the Vineyard pix from 1984. We laughed a lot. And I can’t exactly explain how we got from that photo to this one, but somehow we wound up choreographing this little piece It’s My Party. There was a cool alt performance space in Rotterdam called WORM that was pretty new back then and we got to do It’s My Party there one night.

Fiona Blaylock and Vaneeesa Blaylock performing "It's My Party" at WORM in Rotterdam in 2001
Fiona Blaylock, Vaneeesa Blaylock, It’s My Party

THE HAGUE, 2012 — I really don’t remember how we got from Dogpile with the Campbells to It’s My Party, but somehow it inspired us. Maybe I was a more uptight career person back then, but Fiona was hanging out so I probably felt inspired or wanted to show off and so we made this piece. It wasn’t a big deal. But now I look at these pictures and my heart beats a little faster. It’s funny how Fiona and I have sometimes had such great adventures, and then we drift apart, sometimes for a long time. She’s been through some things in the last year or so. I saw her a couple times a while back and now it’s been radio silence for a while. I’m probably just way too needy (she’s told me that before) still it’s funny how much better I feel when she’s around.

Fiona and I met this guy “Acid” at WORM. I think his real name was Rychard something, and anyway he did this awesome soundtrack for us. We’d actually just choreographed the piece to some music I had, and then when Acid gave us this audio track the whole thing seemed way cooler.

WORM, Rotterdam

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