Politician gone rogue?

Reblog from I Have Touched the Sky: Not the Girl the ESRB Warned You About:

Not Girl the ESRB Warned You About
Last week’s gaming news was all about Democrat Colleen Lachowicz, candidate for her state’s senate, who happens to play World of Warcraft in her spare time. Rowan from I Have Touched the Sky describes how Republicans built a whole website around her, filled with quotes from her on gaming blogs and other social media, clearly meant to prove she is unfit to represent the American people. Oh no, “[Lachowicz] gets away with crude, vicious and violent online comments”! I don’t want to bore you with my (not too positive) thoughts about American campaign strategies, but I’m astonished at how people fail to see a distinction between virtual reality and real life.

If someone writes:

And yes, (…) rogues are fun! You get the hang of stabbing after a while.

clearly they aren’t talking about themselves in their American environment (anyone seen any wild rogues lately?). If I would like to start a political career myself, will I fail because I wrote about how I like to burn things here on iRez?

Either way, be sure to check out Rowan’s thoughts on the matter, both as an American and as a gamer.

Ravanel explores the virtual worlds of Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Skyrim, and Mass Effect.

6 thoughts on “Politician gone rogue?

  1. Thanks for the plug. Like much of American politics unfortunately (are politics really any different elsewhere?), rather than discuss things that are important, the parties only seek to distract the voters with inanities like this.

    1. I always hope to believe that politics here where I live (the Netherlands) include a bit less mud throwing and a bit more content, but when I think about the newish borderline racist populist parties that have emerged the past decade, I’m a bit less sure. *sigh*

      Either way (to disprove my point of the Dutch being less superficial), what’s that? A new picture on wordpress? You look almost as handsome as commander Riker! O_O


      1. Oh wow, thanks for launching the iRez News Service Ravanel!

        And, HI ROWAN! Thanks for visiting & keep up the great work!

        In the interests of keeping this serious, political conversation on the highest, most professional level, I’ll simply quote from Star Trek:
        [Q to Riker]
        “You’re so stolid. You weren’t like that before the beard.”

  2. Due to the unsavory and dubious nature of my virtual life, I will not seek and will not accept my party’s nomination πŸ˜› Sure hope every WoW/gamer of any sort turn out on election day to vote for her. My only beef with her is she’s a friggin’ Orc!

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