Diary #37 – Occupy Columbus

COLUMBUS CIRCLE, NEW YORK CITY, 3 October — Occupy Columbus. Soror Nishi’s cousin Tatsu Nishi has erected a monumental, haha, literally, public art installation at the Columbus statue in Columbus Circle on the South-West corner of Central Park. The statue sits atop a 75 foot pedestal and Nishi has erected 75 feet of scaffolding around the pedestal and enclosed the normally only-viewable-from-a-distance statue in a living room set. It is a bizarre and wondrous installation and since I was in NYC I hooked up with fellow malcontent Miso Susanowa to check out the work.

Occupy Columbus: Vaneeesa Blaylock and Miso Susanowa in New York City at the Tatzu Nishi / Public Art Fund installation  "Discovering Columbus" where Nishi erects a living room atop 75 feet of scaffolding so the once distant statue can be experienced as a living room sculpture.
Vaneeesa Blaylock (blue dress) and Miso Susanowa (yellow jacket) claiming to “Occupy Columbus” even if they look somewhat more like tourists.


THE HAGUE, 10 October — Oh wow. This “Diary” has always been dredging up old (embarrassing) pix from the past. This is the first “contemporary” entry. So this little format of Caption from the past Above, and Thoughts Today down here, is sort of irrelevant. Hmm. Wonder if I’ll post more new stuff or just stick with the time capsule? Anyway, this installation is CRAZY! It’s up till 18 Nov, so if you’re in NYC you really have to go see it. It was fun to hang out with Miso and do a little mini-occupy and WHOA! I didn’t realize how many talented artists there were in the Nishi family!

Public Art Fund / Discovering Columbus
Discovering Columbus / New York Times
Tatzu Nishi’s Website
Soror Nishi’s Website
Miso Susanowa’s Website

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