Vaneeesa Blaylock wearing a blue blazer with a red tie and a Fontbron academy crest on the blazer. She stands in the lobby of an academic building.

Rabbit Hole Day (Greetings P2PU)

P2PU Hello photo: Vaneeesa Blaylock wearing a blue blazer with a red tie and a Fontbron academy crest on the blazer. She stands in the lobby of an academic building.
Vaneeesa Blaylock

Saturday. No P2PU anywhere in sight.

Working on Chapter 10 of Kevin Werbach’s Gamification course from Coursera / Wharton school today. Oh, Chapter or Lecture 10 is the “Social Good” chapter. We’ve mostly focused on external apps like marketing to customers, internal apps like improving sales knowledge and performance, and enterprise apps like motivating large workforces. So today we’re looking at Social Good, A Better World, A Happier Life.

Which led me to sign up for and poke around Jane McGonigal’s awesome SuperBetter site / game. (still no P2PU in sight)

Which led me to sign up for and poke around Mozilla’s OpenBadge Framework. (I was flashed by P2PU, but too distracted to notice)

Which led me to Dave Lester’s cool WPBadger & WPBadge Display Plugins.

Which led me to sign up for Github. (P2PU out of sight)

So I could ask a question on the WPBadge Display Issue Tracker.

And then I guess I sort of reached the end of a trail (haha, and could finally go back and complete Chapter 10! 😛

But somewhere along the way I got pointed to P2PU.
And in closing allllllll the browser tabs (oh, I’m a Rockmelt girl, BTW) P2PU showed up again.
Which I guess I had actually signed up for in Spring or Summer when I joined a Virtual World Field Trip / Gamification lecture that was hosted by Kavon Zenovka. (haha, SO full circle!)

P2PU Hello image: Montage of V Magazine covers from 2012 featuring Vaneeesa Blaylock on the cover 3 times

So I went back to P2PU.

And thought I should earn a badge to stick in my badge backpack.
And, as you might already know, to work on the “Web 101 Basic” badge, you have to write a little “Hello” blog post.
Which you would now be reading.


I think this post was supposed to say a little about me.
I do A LOT of that around here!
This is my bio:

This is my diary:

Perhaps that’s enough.

Or maybe I should add, in case you don’t have foreeeeeever to go read all that stuff, that I’m a virtual performance artist and I also teach art. I’m playing around with some gamification tools in my teaching. I really like Kevin Werbach’s class. I heard a Gabe Zichermann talk where he said “Intrinsic motivation is OVER.” Which bothered me a lot. But Werbach, while he admits that extrinsic motivation can be effective and powerful, seems to favor techniques that amplify intrinsic motivation, which makes me feel a lot better. And he shows us Jane McGonigal videos. And really, who isn’t going to feel alive and inspired after watching McGonigal’s videos!

So anyway, Hello 2U P2PU!

It’s great to be here!

After posting… the final challenge is to visit a few other peeps blogs…

I checked out the “Boston Super Blog”

which, like iRez is a group blog, they’ve got 6 authors: Dan Jones, “Guest Writer,” Rob Kelley, Steve Mills, Super Secret, and The Builder Babe.

And they turned me on to Notepad++

Next up, Intrappid, a German Cartographer:

There’s a LOT of cool stuff on his blog, but my favorite was The Netherlands From Above, of course! 😀

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

2 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole Day (Greetings P2PU)

  1. As someone else going for their Web 101 Basic badge, welcome… err… back to P2PU! Thanks for sharing that Netherlands from Above video – neat stuff.

    1. Hey murmurer!

      Thanks for visiting! And good luck collecting badges! You can’t have too many badges, can you?? 😀

      It seems like the Mozilla Open Badge Framework is really cool. I’m hoping to be able to implement it here at iRez.

      Have a great week!

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