Diary #32 – Stacey Giachino

KONINKLIJK CONSERVATORIUM, 1995 — Another “manufactured image” from my grad school roommate Stacey Giachino and I.

THE HAGUE, 2012 — I’ve written, and some have commented, how “fun” these old photo projects with Stacey are. I’ve also written, or whined, a bit about how I was unceremoniously bounced out of the Koninklijk Dance Department. Nobody should be bitter about anything for this long, and obviously moving over to “New Media” suited me far better in the long run,


the thing that hadn’t really struck me, till looking at this stuff all these years later, is how much time we spent “manufacturing images,” and how little time we spent actually dancing! As an undergrad at HKAPA, honestly, I danced my ass off! I was in the best shape of my life, well, and I was also 22! 😛 And my technique was as good as its ever been. It’s just funny looking at this stuff 17 years later and realizing that the Dance Department wasn’t really dropping my ass, more like they were holding a big mirror up for me.

Anyway, good times.

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