ScreenCap of Second Life Firestorm Viewer Preferences with red circle on "Email IM's"

Second Life’s Communications Quagmire

ScreenCap of Second Life Firestorm Viewer Preferences with red circle on "Email IM's"

In the MMO / 3D VW of Second Life, there are a variety of ways to receive information:
1. IM’s from People
2. IM’s from Groups
3. Notecards from People
4. Notices from Groups

While Gmail manages to store 3GB of mail for you, SL caps out at about 3 messages! I’m joking – only slightly – it’s not a hard number but it seems to be around 20 or so. If your IM’s and Notices from 1 & 4 are over 20, you lose messages. You probably have to sign on more than 1x every single day to not lose messages. You can have your ALL your messages forwarded to email and not lose them. But this can really clutter up your in box. You can set individual groups to not send you notices, but the only choices are ALL notices and NONE ever. You can turn email forwarding on or off, but only for everything or nothing.

What I want, is to be able to get notices from all my groups when I’m online, and have IM’s from all my peeps forwarded to my email when I’m offline. And there’s no way to do that. There’s only the choice to:
1. Turn email off, and lose IM’s
2. Turn email on and be flooded by group notices
3. Turn email on, and set all groups to no notices, effectively removing yourself from them

I just want email on/off to be set separately for IM’s and Group Notices.

How are offline communications handled in your world?

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

5 thoughts on “Second Life’s Communications Quagmire

  1. That sounds truly frustrating, especially that you’re able to directly lose messages.

    Do you think this setting is consciously made the way it is?
    – so that either you feel a pressure to log in to get the messages and empty the queue, or turn on that mail and get reminded constantly that people and groups are doing stuff in SL – and the result is to keep people tethered?

    (In WoW you can’t message anyone not online, but you can literally walk over to a mail box and send their character an in-game mail the “old fashioned way”, haha!)

    1. People have actually made “Mailboxes” in SL. Little things that look like post boxes and have a script to collect “letters” (notecards) that people “depost” (drop) “in” (on) them… they’re very cute but sort of pointless.

      Linden Lab conspiracy theory? Wowwwww — **I** have written a post that makes Ironyca & Yordie sound like conspiracy theorists???

      I have to take a pause and think about this…

      P ☺ A ☺ U ☺ S ☺ E

      I’m still processing the moment… but here’s what I think so far…

      SHUT UP!!!

      OMG Ironyca, Yordie — biting the hand of the platform provider that feeds you!!!
      What whiners-come-lately you are! I invented that!

      Were YOU thrown out by hippie arts paradise the Fucking Burning Man Organization?
      Was YOUR DAUGHTER evicted by the artsy fartsy SL art colony capital Avalon Town?
      Have YOU been bitching about G+/Vic Gundotra for a freaking year, like he’s eating your kids or something!?

      Clearly **I** have dibs on conspiracy theories! You guys go find some other horn to blow!!!

      hahahahahaha……. /me cackles…….

  2. Oh Vanessa… Linden Lab is far to busy to fiddle around with a few preference settings that they don’t want to do because they are working on “amazing” new fearures to delight us. I’m sorry to resort to sarcasm but i’m in a nasty mood today. A company that had its eye on the ball or its hallmark product would be thinking about things like this. Instead, they have three sheets in the wind for Pathfinder which has screwed up a lot of functionality. Again, sorry to be a pill.

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