1 September – Ironhoof and my epic win

LOCATION: Stangard, Rohan (Lord of the Rings Online)
IN PHOTO: Ravanel and Ironhoof, her Prized Isengard War-steed

I was able to buy Ironhoof after months of struggling on the hard final boss of the current end-game raid, Saruman (T2). I think he and I express our joy over this epic win much like I did iRL. I’m happy to discover my “epic win face” isn’t much like Jane McGonigal’s in Vaneeesa’s Gamification 1 – What is gamification? article!

15 October, a new expansion called “Riders of Rohan” will be released, and we will be able to fight on horseback. I think Ironhoof (isn’t that an epic name for a war-steed?) is looking forward to it.

Lord of the Rings Online currently knows about 70 different looking mounts, of which some are faster or more rare than others. You can name each one yourself if you wish to do so. Hobbits and dwarves with their small legs own ponies, while elves and men own horses. In dark caves everyone rides goats, because the horses don’t dare to come inside. Ravanel owns 26 mounts, but I know of people who go out of their way to collect them all. I do feel a bit guilty about how I treat these virtual pets, though, as I usually just pick the horse that fits the best with my dress!

You can check out more pictures of Ironhoof at My happy war-steed.

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5 thoughts on “1 September – Ironhoof and my epic win

  1. You will enjoy war steeds. You can select one of three sizes (which you can adjust at will) and you can change their coat pattern, coat color, and tail color. You can even buy them gear or sometimes burrow some from existing steeds. Currently I know of 7 of the existing steeds with 28 speed and 250 life that will share their gear. Things like the Hunter and Champion horse. Who cares about fighting when we can dress the same horse to match every style? Did I mention you can dye their gear the same as your clothes?

    1. Hi there, and cheers for all the information!

      I love cosmetics, so it will be awesome to “dye” my horse… wait, did I say that in public?


      Hmm, it does make me sad that only store-only horses seem to share their gear, and I’m not so sure I’m happy with gearing up my horse on top of myself. Then again, I hear the stats differences will be so small that there might not be that much to gear up for myself anyway. I guess we’ll see it all with Riders of Rohan, I’m definitely curious!

  2. Oh my, you’ve soo enticed me toward LOTR. When i get past my “epic” journey to my new city, I’m gonna look into LOTR. I’ve tried WoW but I think LOTR is more ‘me’. Coolness.

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