29 August – Not Perfect

In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: Second Life


“Almost perfect… but not quite.”
Those were the words of Mary Hume
At her seventh birthday party,
Looking ‘round the ribboned room.”
This table cloth is pink not white—
Almost perfect… but not quite.”

“Almost perfect… but not quite.”
Those were the words of grown-up Mary
Talking about her handsome beau,
The one she wasn’t gonna marry.
“Squeezes me a bit too tight—
Almost perfect… but not quite.”

“Almost perfect… but not quite.”
Those were the words of ol’ Miss Hume
Teaching in the seventh grade,
Grading papers in the gloom
Late at night up in her room.
“They never cross their t’s just right—
Almost perfect… but not quite.”

Ninety-eight the day she died
Complainin’ ‘bout the spotless floor.
People shook their heads and sighed,
“Guess that she’ll like heaven more.”
Up went her soul on feathered wings,
Out the door, up out of sight.
Another voice from heaven came
“Almost perfect… but not quite.”
-Shel Silverstein

I am my own worst enemy. I am Mary Hume, kind of depressing actually. Shel Silverstein has been one of my favorite poets since I was a child and this one to me is one of his best works. The words are so powerful. I’m still working on letting go and accepting the imperfections. For now, I will just wallow in my self-pity a bit longer.

You can find style credits on my flickr.

Strawberry Singh is a resident of the virtual world Second Life™ She is an avid blogger, photographer and social media enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “29 August – Not Perfect

  1. This photo makes me wonder, should I publish the beautiful nude that Berry photographed of me? It’s quite exquisite and no one except iRez readers will see it. Hmmmm… i need help from out leader.

    1. hahaha, oh Yordie! Do you even have to ask? Of course you should publish it! And, as you noted yourself, no one but iRez readers will ever see it anyway! It’s not like people tear these photos off the net and then photoshop your head onto someone else’s body and post it on 4Chan or anything!

      /me cackles!

      wow… what a cackly sort of day it is!

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