VR Pets: Singing Sunflower

Pet: Singing Sunflower

Within World of Warcraft there is a minigame – Lawn of the Dead. This is rather clearly based off of Plants VS Zombies, a wildly popular tower defence style game. After playing LotD through a few levels of difficulty you are awarded with Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds, which teach the Singing Sunflower.

This is one of my favourite pets in World of Warcraft! Not only does the Sunflower, well, Sing an annoying song that makes others cringe and me smile and giggle, but rather shortly I will be able to battle with my Sunflower Pokemon-style.

I know, I know.

Try to contain your jealousy.

Author: Eva Marie
Ontario, Canada. My name is Eva. I'm big into sad songs, orange popsicles, movie theatres, playlists, lawn gnomes and photography.

4 thoughts on “VR Pets: Singing Sunflower

  1. I like the sunflower pet too! And the picture is adorable, look at that happy sunflower being right at home in the Dalaran greenhouse.

  2. Oh wow, I thought WoW was all blood and gore, but that sunflower looks SO happy! 🙂

    How many things do you have to kill to get one?? hahaha… hahaha…

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