My Second Life Romance – Part 2

This is the second part of the story of my second life romance. If all the guys I ever dated, and I’ve dated my share, were to read Part 1, I think at least three of them might think I was writing about them.

1) He Made Me Feel Like Dancin’
2) He Filled My Life With Hope
3) Protecting Your Heart

The morning after Nathan and I had our wonderful night together, he sent me a lovely rose. I didn’t see him that day, he was gone by the time I came online. I was tired and figured he was tired, so it seemed ok at the time.

In the coming weeks, we did things together and had more amazing conversations. We shared many things about ourselves, often meaningless things, but it wasn’t about things, it was about sharing. Nathan was easygoing, even a little wacky at times. I loved the person I was when I was with him. He made me feel like I was his baby, and I thought of him as my man. He was a bit unreliable though. He was very unreliable, acutally. And he had a propensity for not getting around to contacting me. He seemed to wait for me to contact him.

Our time together was free and easy, and his shortcomings were of little consequence to me. Then there was a night. We were at the beach and we both had a couple drinks. As the night rolled along, Nathan had more drinks and before long he was, well, drunk. He was so drunk I thought it was time for us say goodnight for the evening. But Nathan said, no. “I have to tell you,” he said and in his drunken sincerity he opened his heart, “No matter what. I love you my baby.” He struggled with the words. Then said more, then much more. He said I was “the most loving woman he ever knew.” Other things he said didn’t make much sense, but when all was said and done I felt very loved. I told him I loved him too, and I did.

There was another time and another, and life was good. I was happy.

But Second Life is never what it seems. One fine day I discovered Nathan was friends with several women I knew. I wasn’t shocked at all, but wondered if he had been close to any of them. And in a short time it became clear he had been close with several of them. And then I learned he had an ongoing relationship with another woman. In time, I learned that he loved her. He pretended he didn’t love her, but I came to realized he did, but she didn’t love him beyond friendship.

Learning about Nathan secret love broke my heart. I left Second Life with the intention of never returning. He was my first love. I cried at night and said to his memory, “I loved you.” But in time, I returned to SL. I returned with the plan to never allow anyone to hurt me like that again. There’s more to say about him, but not just now.

[You may be wondering, was I really in love? When I logged out of Second Life did I still love him? Perhaps you are wondering about my real life? What kind of person finds her way into such emotional drama on a computer? It’s only possible for me to answer those questions by saying, my life is a second life. I experience everything I tell you about, experience it with all my being, and I was really in love. Yet, I’ll acknowledge that there is that portal from and to another life, but that life is an entirely different story.]

In the days after my return to Second Life,
I found a sense of enjoyment just wandering
the forests and regions of Calas Galadhon.

Eventually I returned to Second Life. I would log in to chat with friends for a few minutes then log off. Then I started wandering around. I did some shopping and that really helped. But friends who really know me, know I have an unusual drive to explore. I call it a wanderlust. I love my home, my nest, but I love to put on my hiking boots and just go out into the world. And in my third year, I discovered Calas Galadhon and its seemingly endless beauty and surprises. That’s where I met Peter.

He must have been hidden from my view,
because when I heard him say “Hello”
I had to turn around to see who was talking to me.

I had been hiking through the forest of Miromere, but toward lunch time I made my way to the overlook on the sea. My meeting with Peter began with a simple greeting, “Hello” he said. I didn’t see him when I hiked up, but when I got my first look at him I was pleased to see a tall handsome guy. His style was intriguing. His manner was polite. I didn’t know it at the time, but Peter was very different from my circle of friends.

Peter found me in a time of weakness. Despite how I presented myself to the world, I was fragile. Regardless of my state, I found it easy to chat with Peter. I learned that Peter had broken up with his partner the previous week. And when he learned of my breakup, we developed a trust and a bond.

But then, just as we were becoming friends, he had something he could only tell me about in voice. It took us both a minute to hookup, then smiled as I heard Peter’s deep, manly voice and I was set at ease. He began by explaining he would understand that what he was about to tell me could end our relationship.

Then he told me, “I am vampire” then paused. I was surprised. This was my first encounter with a vampire. He seemed to sense I was concern and explained, “I swear to you I will never bite you without you.”

Despite this bizarre twist, the bond I felt with him remained. His voice was reassuring. He made me feel safe. This is how our relationship began. In the coming days and weeks and months we would do many things together. He was a romantic man and we became close in ways I never dreamed possible.

Peter and I were adventurers and the pursuit
took us to places like the streets of Kowloon.
He was so tall and handsome, and I was so different
from the kind of girl I would have imagined he’d want.

We discovered that we both are adventurers and our exploraton extended across the Grid. I had never met anyone with such a sense a drive to try new things. He introduced me to activities including scuba diving, golfing, ski diving, speed boating. I showed him my favorites regions discoveries.

He had decided to break away from his vampire clan, so I introduced him to my friends. He loved my Zen garden and soon he’d bought himself some samurai attire. As a vampire he had role play experience and he made me aware that I was a natural in my geisha role. We loved to shop and loved showing off. In our adventures I began to feel like his sidekick, and we were a team. We were stars of our own virtual fantasy life. Wherever he wanted to go I wanted to go.

Peter taught me how to do scuba diving.
This opened a new world of adventure for me.

In only a month, Peter transformed my life and I, his. We became partners and we spent hours together every night, and on weekends we were together even longer. There were nights we slept together, and there were nights we did other things. He was a sexual man with strong drives and I wanted him to have me in every way.

I loved this man and he loved me. He was the type of man who needed to take care of the woman in his life, and when you’ve been hurt so badly this is a wonderful feeling. We committed to our love, forever, in Second Life. He filled my life with hope.

[Love can be awkward or corney. You might have many inhibitions, but in your second life you can hurl yourself into love with your heart and soul. Afterall, it’s not real, is it?]

Coming soon – part 3

Author: Yordie Sands
I'm just a girl with an overactive imagination. I write about my life as an avatar in Second Life, where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In my second life I'm an adventurer, photographer, blogger, exotic dancer, geisha and socialite. Occasionally I find myself swept away in romance.

27 thoughts on “My Second Life Romance – Part 2

  1. I feel that all this talk about honesty and feelings and motivations and realness is taking us off the most important issue here, so let me restate:

    I KNEW Vampires in Kowloon were going to come into this story at some point!!

          1. Well done Yordie. You and I have talked about SL romance inworld before, and I can imagine what a challenge this was to write. Not only with the composites, but with putting yourself out there like that. Strangely (to me anyhow), of all the topics I could write about, I’ve stayed away from this one. I wonder why? I’m thinking now though, that it may be worth a try. To me, one of the most surprising aspects of your stories (both part 1 and 2) is how common these experiences are between us! Not episodically mind you, but emotionally. Could it be that we’re all experiencing slightly different versions of the same events? How very Borg of us! I don’t know, maybe I’ll write a few things down about a few of my experiences, and you can tell me if you see the similarities like I do. Thanks so much for sharing this.

            1. Oh Becky, I’m sure you could write about any aspect of romance. You have such a unique perch to observe a side of romance probably most women never see. I enjoyed your first post very much and if you listen to Vanessa, there’s no telling where she’ll lead you. hehehe

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