B&W Photo of Pianist Pixelated Gina performing on a white, grand piano, at Gallery Xue / NYC

VB40 – Cast

B&W Photo of Brazilian Vocalist Anndy Believe singing at Gallery Xue / NYC
Anndy Believe, soloist
B&W photograph of dramaturge Kathleen Cool at Gallery Xue / NYC
Kathleen Cool, dramaturge
B&W photograph of art gallery owner Xue Faith playing cello at Gallery Xue / NYC
Xue Faith, gallerist

NEW NEW YORK, 28 July — Today at Gallery Xue / NYC 9 cellists and 2 pianists accompanied Brazilian vocalist Anndy Believe in a performance of VB40 – Charlotte, Forever! an appreciation of avant garde music pioneer Charlotte Moorman, and an adaptation of her 1969 performance TV Bra for Living Sculpture.

VB40 – Charlotte, Forever!

Dramaturge: Kathleen Cool
Gallerist: Xue Faith

Soloist: Anndy Believe

Pixelated Gina
Pixel Reanimator

Calliope Lexington
Lanne Wise
Monerda Skute
Pennyroyal Calamity
Winter Nightfire
Yordie Sands
Ze Moo


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