Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 3

This is part three in my Gimme Six series. Ok, I need to change my list a little bit. I haven’t been luvin’ the nightlife very much lately, so I want to focus on a place where I’m very active.

3) A New Englander at Heart

My human and I are different in some important ways. She prefers to live in a small town on Lake Pend Orielle in northern Idaho, and I prefer to live on a New England island in Second Life. She’s happy where she is. I’m even happier where I live. You see, I have more wealth in my second life than she has in her real life (don’t feel sorry for her though, she’s doing ok).

Second Life New England (SLNE) is an estate of 24 sims and this region has been held together through the efforts of a long time Second Lifer, Sudane Erato (born in 2004), and a dedicated group who support her.

Many people who joined Second Life in the era I did, 2007, will remember the Nantucket sim. I discovered Nantucket when my first partner and I attended concerts there. The Nantucket concerts were one of the main attractions and the Nantucket township was the center of all things New England. Unfortunately, Nantucket is gone now but in its place the SLNE leaders have built a township at Marblehead and this beautiful region revolves around it. And once again, concerts are held regularly.

It was this past Christmas and I had my camera ready.
I caught Santa racing away from the sunrise over
the center of your SL New England at Marblehead.

I moved to SLNE last year and built my home on Marthas Vineyard. It was a little cottage with doors that opened on the beach, and in the corner of the beach I had a dock for my boats. This was a dream home for me. I was a single woman again and I found great joy there and it’s where I planned to live the remainder of my second life.

On the right you see my tiny cottage on Marthas Vineyard.
I had a living room and kitchen, but no bedroom (/me smiles).
And I thought to myself, I live on Marthas Vineyard in Second Life.

But our beginnings never know their ends and recently, one fine day, I noticed an SLNE homestead sim was available.  And as things arranged themselves, as they seem to do, my best girlfriend, Leanna was looking for a larger home for herself. Well, we started playing with the idea. Then we did the math and realized that between us we could afford to buy and pay the tier on that homestead. We agreed to sleep on it but the next day the decision was made.

That’s my new home Beach House (by Painter) on my side of the island.
It’s not fully decorated yet but its much bigger than my cottage.
Leanna and I have a little forest that separates our homes
and gives us privacy, but we share that huge beach.

This Second Life New England is full of places of fascination. Sudane is one of the leaders of the “Open Waterways” movement  and one of the beautiful things about our region is that everywhere is accessible by boat. And open waterways also means open skies.

I want to share one last photo that I took last year when esteemed balloonist SL Dahlia Jayram took me on a tour of SLNE by balloon. I documented our trip in a blog post on my old blog, but this photo wasn’t included in the set.

I love this photo because it gives you a sense of the vastness.
This photo spans perhaps two sims, but when you consider
SLNE is 25 sims you start to understand my home region.

There are many more photos in my Flickr photostream, but there’s so much you must discover for yourself. You don’t have to believe in immersion or anything else to enjoy the wonders of this place I call home. Come checkout a concert or the stores or just sail through the islands.

Coming Soon, Part 4 – A Bluesy Kinda Luv

Author: Yordie Sands
I'm just a girl with an overactive imagination. I write about my life as an avatar in Second Life, where I star as the heroine of a virtual fantasy life. In my second life I'm an adventurer, photographer, blogger, exotic dancer, geisha and socialite. Occasionally I find myself swept away in romance.

10 thoughts on “Gimme Six: Yordie’s Second Life – Part 3

  1. Ah so beautiful!

    The beach or holiday theme for homes, is that common?

    I can’t help but find it interesting if Second Life homes look like summer houses, ’cause maybe that’s how it’s categorized mentally – as leisure, and therefore it ends up looking like leisure at its purest. Just a random thought 🙂

  2. Did I miss it Yordie? You didn’t give us a SLURL to visit all this splendor? Is it all private? Or can we lowly homeless avatars partake in some of the New England scenery too?

  3. What a wonderful story and such lovely pictures! We are so glad that you are a part of our community. And, just in case you get any idea of moving away, we’ve locked the doors and thrown away the key!

  4. That looks amazing, Yordie.

    Being a SL noob, I had no idea you could have HOUSES (shows how much of a noob I am). 😉

    This is the second time I’m so terribly tempted to try SL myself. Help!

    I love the pics, with those surroundings it looks as if you’re permanently on holiday.

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