20 July – Happy Ramadan

In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: Second Life

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar and every year millions of muslims all over the world fast during the daylight hours for 30 days. Although I’m not a very religious person myself usually, this month I try to be a good muslim girl and do my best to fast and pray on time.

My earliest childhood memories during this month are always of the night before when we go out to look for the moon to see if the month has started. I remember at the first sight of the moon, my father told me to close my eyes and make a wish, right at that moment. When I was younger, my wishes were more material as I asked for the latest doll or toy that I had my eye on. But as I grew older I noticed my wishes became more about the bigger picture: peace, health, love, etc.. The sad thing is, the material wishes were the ones that usually came true.

Anyhow, I’m going to go distract myself and try not to think about food till sunset. If you’re looking for my style credits or would like to see previous images I’ve done about Ramadan and Eid in Second Life, you can check out my Ramadan blog post on my own blog today.

Happy Ramadan! <3

Strawberry Singh is a resident of the virtual world Second Life™ She is an avid blogger, photographer and social media enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “20 July – Happy Ramadan

    1. Sometimes it’s ok to be biased… I was actually excited to hear that you were the store manager there — I have no affiliation, but I love the work so much. I have a number of pieces beyond the Nureyev / Fonteyn outfit.

      Pro Tip: if you’re going to go crazy with Zaara jewelry, please to have a most excellent graphics card! 😛

      But you can wear all the clothes you like with just a mere mortal graphics card! 😀

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