Screen Cap from Nike "Game On World" video spot

Nike Gamifies… Games!

BEAVERTON, OR, 29 June — Today Nike, Inc. launched Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training launch. They join existing products Nike+ Running and the Nike+ FuelBand. Nike’s press release states,

The campaign launches with two new “Game On, World” films, which feature a video game world made real, reflecting the way NIKE+ combines the world of sport with digital services and experiences for athletes at every level.

Yes it’s the gamification age. By gamifying business, education, and anything else we can think of, the promise is it can become both more fun and more productive. Of course “sports” is… uh… already a “game,” isn’t it? Does “Game On, World” really need to turn “real sport” into gamified gaming?

Why do we love those companies from the Pacific Northwest? Because they’re so meta!

Screen Cap from Nike "Game On World" video spot

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

2 thoughts on “Nike Gamifies… Games!

  1. Luv the vids

    and yeah, we peeps in pacific northwest are totally mental… oh, you said meta. never mind. hehe

    seriously, when i first moved to seattle, i had a sense of being isolated from the rest of the world. the enormous forests and mountains and ocean. it creates a unique point of view, perhaps?

    1. Yes, perhaps!

      I “love” that you can’t actually grow coffee in the coffee capitol! You have to import it from Brazil. So… can you be the “real” coffee capitol with no coffee? Or maybe Seattle is the “Virtual Coffee Capitol”!?

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