One Day, One Cat

Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with Virtual Education or virtual anything for that matter. I thought I would share anyways and perhaps start something akin to “The World Today, In Pictures” for cat (and other furry friends) lovers. A little background may be in order – I have always been a devoted animal lover and recently moved to a community with a huge feral cat problem. Since no one was doing anything about it, my girlfriend and I started a “Trap-Neuter-Release” initiative where we trap, neuter or spay (as well as vaccinate and eartip) and then return cats to their outdoor “home” to stop overpopulation. We released our second feline friend yesterday.

Miss Aimee, our first Trap-Neuter-Release “victim”

If anyone is interested in our local (and self-funded) initiative, I will gladly post “updates.” Also, October 16 is National Feral Cat Day. Perhaps we could plan a performance in SL to raise awareness of cat overpopulation. Did you know, for example, that a single pair of young cats can produce over 80,000 surviving offsprings in 10 years? When you consider that 7 out of 8 cats are euthanized at shelters every day, something needs to be done to reduce this growing problem.

For more information, you can visit Alley Cat Allies, an excellent non-profit organization helping feral cats, of which I am a member.

Author: Kathleen Cool
I am a graduate student studying how people experience informal education, particularly art, in virtual worlds such as Second Life. My background is in both Art History and Computer Science. Please feel free to email me or IM me in SL (Kathleen Koolhoven) if you have any questions regarding my current research or want to participate in my study.

6 thoughts on “One Day, One Cat

  1. Awesome Kathleen, we can definitely do something in October… but while we’re still here in July…

    WAIT, WAIT, did I just hear somebody throw down a new CHALLENGE??? 😀

    kk, so what will be the “rules” / requirements”?

    Cats? Pets? Physical? Virtual?

    You may have noticed that Ravanel & Trilby both just posted their virtual pet pix:

    Your “Challenge” can be any terms you like… you might want it to focus on RL Cats… or…

    Anyway… I’m sure we’ll collect plenty once we decide whatever the specs are! 🙂

    It could, of course also be a part of World Today, but it sounds like you might like it to have it’s own focus.

    Meanwhile, Miss Aimee looks awfully cute!

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! That’s a great idea, Vaneeesa! Does anyone have any ideas for the feral kitty challenge?! Maybe it could be “mixed” reality and participants could choose to sponsor SL or RL cats during each challenge.

      1. I’ve been thinking long and hard about a possible challenge that could somehow involve my local Trap-Neuter-Release initiative and came up with something that I’m super excited about – I call it “The Utopia Project.” I realized that not everyone is into cats or animals for that matter; the point is to do something to help something or someone that you care about. I firmly believe that what differentiates humans (or at least what should) is not language, as many humanists believe, but compassion. With that said, why don’t we have a challenge where we strive to do one compassionate thing a day and document it? It could be, as I do, helping out a feral cat colony (and in turn, the community they call their home) or helping a newbie navigate SL. We could document our exploits on the blog and perhaps inspire others to commit their time to a cause they are passionate about. Beuys believed that “everyone is an artist;” I believe that “everyone can make a difference.” What do you all think?

        1. Perhaps try to be specific on details…
          ○ Goal – 1x / day (a lot) – 1x / week (more peeps might have time to do / post
          ○ Title – easy, catchy, memorable, clear
          ○ Space – wider than this blog? post in SL? post on Facebook?
          ○ Levels – yes it should be for it’s own sake, but a cool badge when you hit 5, 10, 15 would still help


          and go!

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