10 July – Day 4

This picture was taken in Seraph City, a Second Life destination for “dieselpunk” role-playing. Unfortunately, as in many great SL locations, it’s normally deserted!

In Second Life I developed a show with my partner Kikas Babenco, and we participate in performances and improvisations around the grid. Meanwhile, I take a lot of pictures!

2 thoughts on “10 July – Day 4

  1. hahaha, I had to look up “Dieselpunk”

    (and, haha some more, WIkipedia’s note on the Dieselpunk entry is, “This article or section appears to contradict itself.”)

    Marma is like the intrepid reporter canvassing the globe… and I’m the old, frail, crotchety editor who never leaves the home office.

    Glad I can live virtually vicariously thru your adventures!

    1. Hey Marma, do you like your little green blob gravatar? why don’t you post a photo of your dashing self? 🙂

      Also if you add, for example, your flickr to your gravatar page, then on every post of yours, anyone interested can click on our gravatar – green blob or otherwise – and get links to your stuff

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