Previz #67 – Charlotte, Forever

As much as I love Marina Abramovic, Charlotte Moorman holds a special place in my heart. She did, after all, inspire me to pick up the cello at the tender age of 5 – yes, my mother is a total hippie lol. My first cello recital, to the dismay of my classmates and kindergarten teacher, involved me playing the cello in a highlighter-yellow leotard and a shaved head (shaved specially for the occasion using dog clippers) while screaming a la Yoko Ono. It was, of course, a compromise – ultimately I wanted to recreate Moorman’s 1969 performance of TV Bra for Living Sculpture. Now that I think back, it’s a good thing I did compromise, my mom got enough heat for the shaved head; child nudity would have probably sent the poor woman straight to jail. Ultimately, my dream is to recreate that awesome performance, though. And with today’s technology, the bra could be made out of iPods!  

Author: Kathleen Cool
I am a graduate student studying how people experience informal education, particularly art, in virtual worlds such as Second Life. My background is in both Art History and Computer Science. Please feel free to email me or IM me in SL (Kathleen Koolhoven) if you have any questions regarding my current research or want to participate in my study.

22 thoughts on “Previz #67 – Charlotte, Forever

  1. You decide then: TV Bra + Skirt or TV Bra + Naked. Both seem fine to me. If she “would have” been naked then perhaps that’s best. Or we could stick with the historical record.

    There are a bunch of cellos on SL Marketplace:

    The L$50 one looks like it’d meet our needs.

    And for the guys… do we make TV Jock Straps? Or do we have them wear the bra too?

    Or maybe we cast all of them as Nam June Paik in a white shirt and black tie?

    1. This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cello looks great, btw. I think that if we do the TV jock strap, then the girls should not wear a skirt. But then again, if a guy is playing the cello, the jock strap would be hidden… unless they play the instrument standing up. Would that be possible at all? Girls sitting, guys standing? If not, then I would say turn them into Nam impersonators and have the girls wearing skirts. What do you think?

      1. I think a guy in a TV jock strap sitting with a cello probably isn’t great… so they could play a different instrument…

        I kind of like making a little group of Nam June Paiks… that seems like fun. It might enhance the historical resonance, and in a not-heavy-handed way let peeps think about gender as well.

        1. I was thinking about the gender issue as well. Let’s go with the historical version 🙂

            1. I think that’s great! If we eventually want to push the gender envelope, we could do the TV jockstrap down the road.

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