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MENLO PARK, 22 June — Today this blog, I Rez Therefore I Am, has put up a beach hut on the shores of Facebook. Come on down, we’re serving complimentary mai tais & pupus, and we’re sure you’ll “like” it here. Kathleen Cool is working as we speak on a post about The Blog as the New Salon. Just as Gertrude Stein’s famous Paris Salon was the locus of so much art and culture a hundred years ago, Kathleen thinks that the blog is an amazing community “glue” and place of culture making today.

At the risk of mixing up my beachfront metaphor, if The Blog is The New Salon, then sites of massive grazing like Facebook and Pinterest are the new Public Square. The New Salon rocks because of the power of ideas there, but The New Town Square also rocks because all the eyeballs are there. So starting today we’ll be tacking a notice on our Facebook billboard for every new post here on iRez.

And yes, we’d love it if you’d go “like” us! 🙂

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As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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