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THE MULTIVERSE, 19 June — With iRez’ contributing authors now extending to multiple worlds, it seems like a good time to Gimme Six! No, it’s not a noob commanding you to rub pixels, it’s a chance for iRez authors to share 6 of their favorite, must see, places in virtual space. You can have all 6 from 1 world, or spread your picks across however many worlds you like.

For Each Place
β€’ Include An Image
β€’ General Platform Info: sign up URL, cost, etc
β€’ Specific Place Info: URL to get there if possible, description, why you love it

Not an iRez author but want to share your 6 too? Cool! Drop a note in the comments and we’ll set it up!

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

22 thoughts on “Gimme Six!

  1. ooooh yes it IS a very cool idea! I might have to check out EVE Online again and see if I can “be” a walking-around avatar yet and find a favorite space station or planet lol

      1. Well, if THIS doesn’t sound like an unmistakable plea for an EVE ONLINE FIELD TRIP!!!
        I see they have 14-day free trials:

        IDK if we have to pick a server or anything like WoW or not…
        How’s this Saturday the 23rd? or next Saturday the 30th?

        Maybe a time like
        10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST
        (not to be a Western Hemisphere chauvinist about it, just realistically, that’s where the majority of us come from. Apologies to everyone else, but anyway, we all know sleep is overrated! πŸ˜›

        1. Without having played Eve myself, it’s my impression that it’s not really an open world where you can walk your avatar around. Eve is set in a futuristic space world, so everyone is inside spaceships, I think.

          But this is also why I’m intrigued by Monerda giving us a peek into Eve, what will she come up with?

          1. That was the really odd thing with EVE. I went there last year on a trial subscription and I was stunned and amazed at how fantastic the “character creation” tool was and the avatars you could create blew away even SL ones. But then I started to play the game and was extremely disappointed to learn that yes as Ironyca said, you are just in some spaceship flying around the universe.

            I read later that the company behind EVE had plans to allow you to “be” your character in limited ways at space stations or something but I do not know if they ever implemented that feature.

            Anyway I hope someone who is an active EVE player can tell us. This Saturday isn’t good for me unfortunately but maybe the following πŸ™‚

            1. That’s so wacky! πŸ˜›

              Some of the finest avatars in the metaverse… and you do… haha NOTHING with them? No walkie? No talkie?

              Didn’t you win an award for yours on Deviant Art or something?

              After Ironyca’s comment I trolled about the wordpress posts on EVE: there are a lot of them, but I pretty much didn’t see a word about avatars, it’s all ships in the darkness of space.

              We can still go on a field trip if peeps like, but perhaps a different world would be more fun…

              Actually… Ravanel plays LotRO, Star Wars & Mass Effect — who knows — maybe we can twist her arm for a little guided tour of one of those worlds…

              1. LotRO has converted to the Free-to-Play model. So you can login and enjoy more freedom than in a trial account in WoW, but to advance far in the game, you’ll run into having to pay some sort of money.

                But this type of model works well for field trips. I used to have the cutest hobbit in there, I already have LotRO installed, say when, I’m ready!

  2. diving into the Second Life 9th Birthday sight. Come see “Van Gogh Slept Here” and get your free I slept with Van Gogh t-shirt.

  3. This sounds great, and I’ll give it a try. It’ll be interesting to see what people playing different things come up with. I expect some dazzling pictures!

    1. Totally Ravanel! Dazzling Pix! Interesting worlds! (haha, no pressure! πŸ˜›

      And since you’re the only one here (I think) covering LOTR, Star Wars, Mass Effect, I can’t wait to see your finds! Yay!

    2. I, too, am very excited to see what you come up with. I’ve only played a little LotRO myself, and thought the atmosphere and scenery was great.

      *awaits with curiosity*

    3. couldn’t resist joining too (thanks to Ravanel :)) I’ve managed to include 4 of my favourite game worlds πŸ˜‰

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