More art at the Natural History Museum

KASSEL, 8 June — dOCUMENTA (13) opens tomorrow! Trilby Minotaur is there today! In this page of her unfolding graphic novel she digs further into the dOCUMENTA (13) installations at the Kassel Museum of Natural History:


text of graphic novel page:

More Art at the Natural History Museum
Mark Dion created a display for the Schildbach Xylotheque, an 18th century set of Wooden Books about trees, each containing samples from that tree. The case is made of oak and has six inlaid wooden panels.

Kassel Museum of Natural History website

About the museum:

Ottoneum Natural History Museum
Steinweg 2, Kassel 34117 – Germany
A fine old theatre in Kassel is the Ottoneum, built in 1605 for Landgrave Maurice the Learned. It was Germany’s first permanent theatre building. Since 1885 the building has served as the town’s Natural History Museum (Naturkundemuseum). The collection held here is also one of the oldest in Europe, including many rare treasures of the natural world. The Goethe Elephant is one of the world’s first primed big mammal skeletons, and the Schildbach Wood Library from the 18th century is remarkable. The prime focus of the museum is the Kassel region, with many plants, animals and other natural phenomena displayed.

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