Previz #66 – Pink & Blue

Vaneeesa Blaylock in blue and Mark Zackerly in pink

NEW NEW YORK, 5 June — I was reading a couple of posts by Avital Norman Nathman, When Boys Wear Pink, and Pink Scare. It’s hard to believe the whole pink & blue trope is still alive at such a late date. We’ve come so far. Facebook & Google+ notwithstanding, we’ve made so much progress in celebrating the true diversity of our many and multiple identities. We can’t really still be doing the girls in pink and boys in blue thing specifically, and gender stereotypes generally… in the 21st century!? Can we?


So here’s the world’s simplest Performance Previz:

Tableau Vivant: Female avatars wear blue. Male avatars wear pink.

Pose: For VB26 – Average, we used a “Michelangelo David” pose for the guys, and a “Bouguereau Venus” pose for the girls, so in Pink & Blue we’ll try it the other way around, and let the girls experience the “power” of David, and the guys the “grace” of Venus.

Note: Blue clothes for women are hugely available. Pink for men, not so much. Remember you can take any “Yes Mod” white or beige clothes and tint them to the pink shade of your choice. Or, of course, guys could use this “rare permission” to enjoy wearing a frilly dress & tiara! 🙂

Vaneeesa Blaylock in a blue dress and Mark Zackerly in a a pink blazer

R E L A T E D . M A T E R I A L S

Mamafesto / When Boys Wear Pink
Bitch Magazine / Pink Scare

Cheryl Kilodavis / My Princess Boy

VB26 – Average


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