Previz #64 – Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

Vaneeesa Blaylock walking on a treadmill desk

MILAN, 10 April — Automattic’s manager of VIP Global Services, Sara Rosso announced the 2nd annual WorldWide WordPress 5k run/walk today. Held between Monday 23 April and Sunday 29 April, this “real” run/walk event will be “virtual” in that it is not intended as a physical crowd all moving down a single street, but a virtual crowd moving down the many roads of the cities across the globe where they live. Automattic employees, WordPress users, and The Internet community at large are all invited to run, walk, skip, or hop as they like, and tag their posts #wwwp5k.

I’ve measured off a 5k loop of land on the Second Life Mainland, with a Start/Finish line at the T-intersection in Meewalh. Everyone is invited to join us in our 5k virtual walk, and also to consider making it a Virtual::Physical walk.

Map of the 5k run/walk along a road on the Second Life mainland

To do the virtual walk, simply find your way to the Meewalh region on Thursday April 26 by 6pm SLT / 9pm EDT / 02:00 BST / 03:00 CEST (Friday) I’ve clocked my avatar walking and running and I seem to walk very close to a 5-1/2 minute kilometer, and when running I do a kilometer in about 3-1/2 minutes. So it should take something like 27:30 to walk the course, or 17:30 to run it. I plan to have my avatar walk the course, but you can participate as you like.

Having gotten the message that sitting is the new smoking and appreciating how essential a healthy typist is to the life of an avatar, about a year ago I built a treadmill desk. “Built” is kind of an over-glorified term really, I bought a treadmill and stuck it in front of my drafting table. So on the 26th my avatar will walk 5k of mainland while my typist does 5k on the treadmill. I like the treadmill desk a lot and encourage you to think about one. Assuming you don’t have one by the 26th, you can easily tilt your monitor up, or put your laptop on a box and stand as you pilot your avatar. Standing is a lot better than sitting, and if you have a gamepad or a wireless keyboard, it should be easy to walk in place or run in place or do aerobics or step as you push your avatar forward along the 5k loop of mainland.

I’ll document our walk here on I Rez Therefore I Am, and you’re encouraged to document it on the online space of your choice.

VB37 – 5k Run/Walk

Thursday 26 April 2012
6pm SLT / 9pm EDT / 02:00 BST / 03:00 CEST (Friday)
Second Life Mainland
Start / Finish: Meewalh

A treadmill desk with a large monitor on which Vaneeesa Blaylock walks on a virtual treadmill desk


R E L A T E D . M A T E R I A L S

Vaneeesa’s Treadmill Desk

Worldwide WordPress 5k Announcement

• Start / Finish Line:


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

12 thoughts on “Previz #64 – Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

  1. I volunteer to hold the flag at the finish point and give flowers and kisses to the exhausted avie’s. . . 🙂 No just, joking. I will try to be there, but have a dog to look after that day who always seems to find a way to get his attention, no matter what 🙂

    1. Aww… the dog can “jog” with us! Anyway… walk… hang out at the Start/Finish… OOOHHHH!!! We should have an aid station passing out cups of water!! 🙂 Or cigarettes & beer… whatever our athletes need!! 🙂

        1. oh oh, so not a “jury” but you mean we need “referees!” 😛

          This isn’t really a “competitive run”… it’s more of a “personal challenge” run… and NOBODY would cheat themself in a “Personal Challenge”… would they?? O_o

        1. and I think the big monitor on the desk is, uh, conveniently set to

          but you can, just like any web browser, type in any URL you like. And if you “select face” and edit the media-on-a-prim properties, you can change the default URL to whatever you want.

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