Previz #61 – Like a Prayer

TUMBLR, INC. 14 March — I hurt a friend this week. It wasn’t my intention, but it very much was my result. Give or take a couple depending on how you count, this is the sixth person I’ve hurt in the 3 years of my virtual life. The first 4 were all 2+ years ago, but the last 2 are from the last month. I think about these people all the time. Not every day, but from time to time. IDK if I was behaving better for a while there, or just around less and opening my mouth less, but I feel compelled to make amends. To try to leave less of a footprint in my future hiking. As an atheist, there’s no supreme being or afterlife or reincarnation where I can be “forgiven” or “saved,” if I’m going to get it right it has to be here and now. Otherwise my tombstone just reads… well… actually my avatar doesn’t need a virtual tombstone, and my typist wants to be cremated, but my “conceptual” tombstone just reads:

Vaneeesa Anne Blaylock
1969 – 2009 – 2012
she messed up a lot

It’s funny I suppose, but each of these six people I’ve hurt, was in a totally different way. I guess I’m not making the same mistake twice, but I sure am finding a lot of ways to offend. Even though I am an atheist, I think I need to seek atonement. Since hurting people often has to do with my mouth, perhaps I should pick an interval of time to be silent. You know, Like a Prayer.

I think this should be early. Like 6am. When the day is fresh. Dawn. Sunrise. When the day is filled, once more, with possibilities. The Egyptian Sun Goddess, Nut, used to swallow the sun every evening, digest it through the night, and give birth to the sun once again each morning.

IDK if the first 4 are still active in virtual space, but the recent 2 are. I’ll send all 6 virtual notecards of atonement, and invite them, and anyone else who’d like to spend all or part of the time in silence with me.

I think the main space of Gallery Xue / NYC will work well for this. I’ll ask that those present engage in neither local nor IM chat, but simply be silent in this space between 6-8am PDT / 1-3pm GMT. I will be silent to all communication during this time, however my gallerist Xue Faith will be online and can help with teleporting if anyone needs help. Even so conversation should still be kept to a minimum. For anyone who’d like to stay we can then break both the fast of words and the fast of food with a lite breakfast at the gallery. Although I think the tone should remain quiet, or soft. I’d also ask that visitors set their environment to midnight, Ctrl-Shift-Z on Firestorm.

VB35 – Like a Prayer

Saturday 17 March 2012 • 6-8am 8-9am PDT / 1-3pm 3-4pm GMT
remember that this is that odd interval where USA has already last week advanced their clocks 1 hour for summer time, but Europe and elsewhere will still have another week of winter time, so instead of the normal SLT=GMT-8 or CET-9, this week SLT=GMT-7 or CET-8

Gallery Xue / NYC
Anyone is welcome. Free access is available here:

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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