A Transmog-Party where Everyone’s Well-dressed – Except Us!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT, 9 March — Great multiverse traveler Ironyca Lee has jumped across, this time not worlds but continents, to be a judge at a transmogrification competition at a WoW/USA server. Given the vagaries of customs & immigration she was forced to attend this haute couture event (OMG how embarrassing) in Level 1 attire! Still, ever the keen multiverse eye, she provides insights into a remarkable Virtual Culture Ritual (“VCR” *giggles*) that I must flummoxedly admit, I was unaware even existed. For detailed ethnographic analysis and spectacular imagery of this unique cultural event, as well as info on upcoming Transmogrification Contests, read the full post on her blog.

Author: Ironyca Lee
I am a WoW blogger and game analysis student.

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