Day 25

About 33 months ago I discovered evaxebra’s contributions to the daily self-portrait phenomena “365 Days.”

hahaha, and it only, apparently, takes me 33 months to get around to starting something, so about 25 days ago I started posting a self-portrait a day. I tried DailyBooth and 500px, both really cool sites, but I think I like flickr best, both because there’s more of a “365-day-community” there, and because it lets you location tag your pix and it’s kind of fun to mark my travels. There’s a certain virtual-Cornell-box-fulness to this… in the sense that if you were unfamiliar with Joseph Cornell and just saw some of his boxes, you might well think them “souvenirs” or totems of his travels and adventures… of course in Cornell’s case it turns out these were not literal, physical adventures, but mind adventures experienced from his Utopia Parkway IP address.

Here’s 365 Days on 500px:

Here’s 365 Days on DailyBooth:

Here’s 365 Days on Flickr:

Here’s the weekly summary on Tumblr:

And here’s today’s post, Day 25:

Continuing West, I finally arrived at LEA17 and Yooma Mayo’s sublime installation there.

I hadn’t seen DJ for a while, and I know her typing pool has been working overtime building up something like 4,000 items in inventory. That’s 2,000 or so of library, so about 2,000 new in the last week.

Last time I worked a shift, DJ was just exoskeleton, but obviously a lot of flesh has been applied to the exo since then. I wasn’t actually clear if DJ would have a gender or not… but apparently “it” is a “she.”

Speaking of “she” things… YES I had a rib removed to fit into this corset dress. Just shut up about it already! Yes body mods for fashion / beauty sake go against everything I believe in… but none of that matters, I’m a mesh addict now.

My first high off Onxy LeShelle’s “Nolita” dress was quite literally like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. The next morning I foolishly burned my entire system & prim clothing wardrobe.

Then I came down.

Just like any other clothing, there are great mesh dresses, and there are crappy mesh dresses. I’ve roamed a few fashion back alleys trying to regain that initial mesh dress euphoria. I’ve tried on fabrics and patterns that made my skin crawl.

A great mesh dress is a visceral, transformative experience. A shitty mesh dress is a bad trip.

Given my deteriorating state of mind, when I found Salid Sewell’s overwhelming “Corset System Dress,” letting her yank a couple of ribs out felt like a minor price for this grade of fashion fix.

And if all that’s not enough, I’m also at 64° N latitude – I should be completely freezing my ass off, but Salid’s anesthetic hasn’t worn off yet, and honestly, all I feel is the buzz.

CAMERA: Firestorma 330
FILM: 1080p
LENS: 60°

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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