image of Vaneeesa and Xue on a farm at Arkansas State

VB Previz #57 – Sugar Mountain

image of Vaneeesa and Xue on a farm at Arkansas State

My daughter Xue is turning 20. This past half year has thankfully been a rather harmonious time for us, still I didn’t know if turning a milestone in her life into a performance artwork would be such a good idea. To my surprise, she asked me if we could do something.

Xue’s aunt Trill mentioned that Xue’s birthday was coming up and Xue says it struck her that the moment should be marked. That she realized that a “performance” didn’t have to be a grand gesture, that it could simply be the marking of a moment.

So we’ve decided to go to the brand new Gallery Xue / Palestine. The West Bank is, if nothing, a place of constant change. The first Gallery Xue / Palestine was unexpectedly torn down and it looked like she’d be leaving the region, just as she’s recently had to vacate gallery spaces in Sydney and Avalon.

She managed to come to an agreement with the provisional government and the new Gallery Xue / Palestine, housed in a renovated, ancient temple, is remarkably spectacular. There’s a dance club, the “Egypt Club” upstairs, and I thought for Sugar Mountain we could stand on the 3rd story rooftop for an hour, from 11:01pm GMT 1 March… to 12:01am GMT 2 March.

And then we can join the twenty-year-old in the Egypt club and dance.

Vaneeesa and Xue standing on the side of Gallery Xue / Palestine

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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