God is Bullshit!

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7 Bitchy Posts in 7 Angry Days

Rant the fourth: God is Bullshit!

My father was a lifelong democrat. He passed away three years ago. My mother is a lifelong republican and she still lives near Georgetown, USA.

I think I get my aesthetics mostly from my mother, but my ideology is a lot more in line with my father’s ideas. My brother Jeff, the born-again christian, his wife Andrea, and the grandkids spend a lot of time with my mom these days. Me… not so much. It’s a difficult and painful situation.

So, anyway, I’ve seen a few clips of the Republican Presidential Candidates making their speeches at the Faith & Freedom / Faith & Family, Coalition meetings.

God, Republicans, Tornadoes, Pandering.


Anyway, here it comes…

God is Bullshit!

I’ve been trying to write this post all week. The problem isn’t that it’s a hard post to write, it’s not difficult to toss stones at the supreme sociopath, rather my problem is that a guy named George Carlin already did a better job on this than I can ever hope to do.

So here’s a crazy thought… maybe I’ll just shut up! 🙂

And let him do the talking. I had a hard time finding a date for this video clip… I think it might be from his 1999 HBO broadcast “You Are All Diseased.” By the way, he passed away about 3 years ago.

Oh, but first here’s a post that’s about 8 years more recent… from someone who’s still living… the wonderful new-media entrepreneur Micki Krimmel, aka “Mickipedia.” First her, and then George Carlin, 1937 – 2008.


God is Bullshit!

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