VB Previz #52 – Rubenesque / Anorexic

Not so long ago, barely an instant in geologic time, Kate Moss and “heroin chic” were as unattractive as it got. The Anna Nicole Smith’s of the day were celebrated as the pinnacle of female beauty.

In VB26 – Average, we considered the average avatar using data collected and analyzed by Strawberry Singh and Vaki

One question I didn’t consider at the time was, “what’s the standard deviation on that?” That’s a statistics way of asking if the virtual world is filled with peeps who look close to this “average,” or if this average is actually the amalgam of rather larger and rather smaller people.

Body image.

Are you comfortable in your skin?

Whether your avatar is an approximation of your physical self, or the pursuit of some other aesthetic, how do you feel, who are you, in your multiple bodies? Who are you in the multiple instantiations of your body image?

In Rubenesque / Anorexic the participating male and female avatars will choose either a “Rubenesque” or an “Anorexic” figure and then modify their avatar’s shape to channel their inner Anna Nicole Smith or Kate Moss.

We will stand in the same Michelangelo / David and Bouguereau / Venus poses that we took for VB26.


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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