Another Virtual Art Gallery

Along with Ali Goldflake, Joshua Fried, Keira Dooley, Betty Tureaud, and numerous other wonderful artists, I’m participating in a “Virtual Art Gallery” project at California State University in Long Beach.

On Saturday I had another studio visit, this time with Kristine Chu, Keboo, and Ian. Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

[13:03] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Hi Kristine, welcome to the villa
[13:03] kristinechu: Hello! they should be coming soon 🙂
[13:03] VB: I like to use a treadmill while I’m online… keeps me in better shape than just sitting there! 🙂
[13:03] MystiTool HUD: Entering chat range: ifloresav2010 Resident (5m)
[13:04] kristinechu: This is so interesting!
[13:04] VB: Hello ifloresav
[13:04] kristinechu: Hey ian
[13:04] VB: you guys can wander around if you like
[13:04] ifloresav2010: Hey whats up
[13:04] VB: and you can also right-click the treadmills if you want to walk for a while
[13:05] ifloresav2010: Nice meeting you Vaneesa

[13:05] MystiTool HUD: Entering chat range: Keboo Resident (3m)
[13:07] Keboo: hello 🙂
[13:07] VB: hi Keboo
[13:07] VB: oh I forgot
[13:07] kristinechu: its okay ill just stand haha
[13:07] VB: you actually have to click the thing at the head of the treadmill… with the red arrows on it
[13:09] kristinechu: Is there a time limit for this interview?
[13:09] Keboo: i’m so laggy 🙁
[13:09] VB: aww, sorry about the lag Keboo, if you zoom into the ground close so a blank spot fills your screen the lag will probably go away
[13:10] VB: it’s probably your graphics card struggling to draw everything
[13:10] VB: no time limit, we can talk however long you like

[13:10] Keboo: is there a graphic option menu?
[13:11] kristinechu: So this is really the first time i’ve ever seen anything like this.
[13:11] Keboo: or display rather
[13:11] VB: yes, you can turn yours down, but if you have lower graphics, it probably already defaulted that way
[13:11] Keboo: ohh
[13:11] VB: if you bring up preferences: Ctrl-P or Cmd-P, and then click on Graphics, if it isn’t already all the way to LOW, you can set it there, and say Apply, and that will help
[13:12] VB: if it already is, then you can press the Alt/Option key and click and drag on the ground, till just a patch of white fills your screen – not very exciting to look at, but the lag and the typing lag should go away for you

[13:13] Keboo: ok, wayyy btter thanks 🙂
[13:13] kristinechu: ian! can you see this chat?
[13:13] VB: oh great
[13:13] ifloresav2010: haha yes
[13:14] kristinechu: okay good 🙂

[13:14] Keboo: so i read something on your website that said something about an upcoming flash mob on WoW
[13:14] Keboo: is that true?
[13:14] VB: maybe, we’ve “visited” WoW and we’ve been planning to do some sort of performance there. We have a friend there who’s a Level 80 … or whatever the new max is…
[13:16] Keboo: ohh
[13:16] kristinechu: WoW is definitely a second life
[13:16] Keboo: haha yeah
[13:16] VB: but I don’t really know that world personally… so I have to spend a little time on how to work there that isn’t just…
[13:16] VB: in sculpture there’s the term “plop art”
[13:16] VB: sometimes an installation is really designed for a given space, and other times someone just take a work and puts it somewhere. So it IS sculpture, but it is NOT really thought out installation. Since I’m mostly familiar with this world, I wouldn’t want our WoW performance to be a sort of Virtual Plop Art
[13:17] Keboo: ohh

[13:18] ifloresav2010: Where do you find a majority of your inspiration for you performances?
[13:18] VB: Great question! 🙂
[13:18] VB: I have a million ideas! 😛
[13:18] VB: actually I sketch them out in “previz” or pre-visualizations, this page:
[13:19] VB:

[13:19] VB: has a list of previz and links to the full previz
[13:19] VB: My work is mostly about Identity / Individuality / Uniqueness / Persona / Embodiment / Instantiation, so a lot of things trigger ideas about these themes, sometimes they very quickly become performances, and other times they sit as previz for a long time and get developed as time goes along
[13:20] ifloresav2010: nice, that’s interesting

[13:21] kristinechu: This is really something else, I’ve never heard of SecondLife or performance art in my life up until I enrolled into the Art110 Course
[13:21] VB: haha, great
[13:21] VB: well Performance Art is huge in the real world, and there’s all kinds of art in SL. But there are also a few peeps doing Performance Art in SL
[13:22] kristinechu: So my question would be What exactly is performance art? And what got you started ?
[13:22] VB: there are RL artists like Stelarc or Eva & Franco Mattes who do pieces here, and then other artist like Gracie Kendal or Botgirl Questi who create work here
[13:23] VB: Performance Art…. k… oh actually let me get a video for you… you should watch these:
[13:23] VB:

[13:24] VB: this woman Athena Reich made a bunch of really short vids about Performance Art. They’re silly and funny but they also tell you a lot about the medium
[13:24] VB: anyway… it’s sort of in between performance and art I guess. For myself, I never really imagined I’d be an artist. I was kind of a tomboy / skater / slacker / punk; as a kid I just did a lot of stupid shit. But sometimes you’d make a “mess” and someone would think it was “art”
[13:26] VB: it’s funny
[13:26] VB: if you say something is not art… peeps want to tell you that you’re making art
[13:26] VB: but if you say something IS art… then they tell you that you’re full of shit and your stuff sucks
[13:26] VB: haha
[13:26] VB: anyway
[13:26] Keboo: LOL

[13:27] VB: so I guess I started making stuff that I’d skate around, and skate ramps sort of turned into sets, and skating sort of turned into “performing”
[13:27] kristinechu: So everything is art if you say it is
[13:28] VB: maybe
[13:28] VB: I guess in the long run, anything can be interesting
[13:28] Keboo: What made you decide to create virtual performance art?
[13:28] Keboo: or what influenced you rather
[13:28] kristinechu: Do you have kids 😀
[13:28] VB: but the question is whether a body of work… a career… an oeuvre… “works” together as a whole body… if your work has an arc to it, that makes sense in some way and feels compelling
[13:29] kristinechu: I feel like id have to be on acid or something to fully grasp this concept
[13:29] VB: so sure any one bit can be cool… but in the long run, does it have a gestalt that adds up to something more?
[13:30] VB: so, yes… it can all be art… but I do think over your career it can rise to a higher level if you have a focus and maybe an intentionality to the work

[13:30] VB: kk — let me look back and see the questions you just typed…
[13:30] kristinechu: lol sorry for asking so many questions we’re just curious
[13:30] VB: haha, no worries
[13:30] VB: kk

[13:31] VB: so why performance art / influences / kids
[13:31] Keboo: yep 🙂
[13:31] VB: yes, I have one daughter…
[13:31] VB: I actually got pregnant the week after I graduated from college
[13:31] ifloresav2010: how old?
[13:31] VB: long story
[13:31] VB: you get the drift
[13:31] VB: I’m 42… Faith is 19…
[13:31] kristinechu: woah so shes our age
[13:31] kristinechu: that’s pretty awesome
[13:32] Keboo: oh wow, judging by the videos i thought you were around the age of 30

[13:32] kristinechu: does she participate in your performances?
[13:32] VB: hahaah
[13:32] VB: that’s good… I guess! 🙂
[13:33] VB: she was in one
[13:33] VB: but you know
[13:33] VB: mother-daughter
[13:33] VB: it can be a tense relationship
[13:33] kristinechu: i can vouch for that
[13:33] VB: hahaha
[13:34] VB: so be nice to your mommy! 😛
[13:34] ifloresav2010: haha

[13:34] kristinechu: is second life your job?
[13:35] Keboo: how do you make ends meet as a performance artist?
[13:35] VB: well, I teach college art
[13:35] VB: I teach at Erasmus University in Rotterdam
[13:36] Keboo: ooh
[13:36] kristinechu: that explains a lot
[13:36] ifloresav2010: what do you teach?
[13:36] kristinechu: i thought you just did performances on second life

[13:36] VB: some people say that teaching is the worst job for an artist because you get so sucked into it
[13:36] VB: but I like it because it means you don’t have to be thinking about selling your art, you can just make what feels important, and if your work is ephemeral work like performance art, rather than object / commodity work like 2D or sculptural works, which means it will be harder to sell, that’s just fine because you weren’t trying to live off selling art
[13:37] ifloresav2010: very true
[13:37] VB: plus it’s really inspiring to interact with students
[13:37] VB: you learn a lot by teaching! 🙂

[13:38] kristinechu: Do you consider yourself famous ? 🙂
[13:38] VB: hahaha, famous in my own mind! 😛
[13:38] kristinechu: aha :p

[13:39] Keboo: so how did you end up as a virtual performance artist?
[13:39] VB: oh yes
[13:39] VB: there was actually a show
[13:39] VB: about 2 years ago
[13:39] VB: students at Kansas State were curating a virtual show, and I hadn’t really done anything here, but I got connected to them and they asked me to contribute. There was a noob avatar at the time called “Girl Next Door,” which I thought was the one that was most commonly chosen. So I thought it would be interesting to present GND as a work of art
[13:41] VB: as a sculptural work
[13:41] VB: so I rounded up 9 people
[13:41] VB: or myself plus 8
[13:41] VB: and we stood in a 3 x 3 grid of avatars
[13:41] VB: for 2 hours at the opening of the show
[13:41] VB: so we all looked alike
[13:41] VB: as GND
[13:41] VB: in the center of the gallery

[13:42] VB: and it was kind of interesting, I think, to look at this virtual being as a direct presentation in a sense. If you think about art history, the human body has been painted and sculpted for centuries, but it’s always the body — often naked – usually female — in the artist’s studio
[13:43] kristinechu: that’s true i never really noticed that
[13:43] VB: and then the talented artist mediates the body with their eye & hand
[13:43] VB: to create painting or sculpture or whatever, so you experience the mediated body but not the real body. So I thought it’d be interesting to take this mediated world and present the un-mediated residents directly as a work of art / sculpture…

[13:44] ifloresav2010: was this your first experience with “art”?
[13:45] VB: SL?
[13:45] VB: no
[13:45] VB: as I was saying… I sort of evolved from sk8er punk… into performance artist
[13:45] VB: haha – I’ve never done a skate piece here in SL – gotta do that sometime! 🙂
[13:45] kristinechu: YOU SHOULDD
[13:46] ifloresav2010: haha ya that would be pretty cool
[13:46] Keboo: do you still happen to skate?
[13:46] VB: yes, it’d be fun
[13:46] VB: haha not really
[13:46] VB: I should probably do that too! 😛
[13:46] ifloresav2010: haha
[13:46] Keboo: probably the coolest mom if you do
[13:46] kristinechu: youd look pretty bad ass
[13:46] VB: haha
[13:46] VB: yeah
[13:46] VB: till I broke something
[13:46] Keboo: haha
[13:46] kristinechu: its all fun and games until someone gets hurt haha
[13:47] VB: yes

[13:47] kristinechu: whats an average day like for you
[13:47] Keboo: get a bad ass cast
[13:47] VB: exactly
[13:47] VB: Average Day
[13:47] VB: well I teach a fair bit… I actually live in The Hague… so I have to drive over to Rotterdam
[13:47] VB: when I’m not teaching or doing other life stuff

[13:48] VB: well… haha… actually we’re walking on my “real” desk now
[13:48] VB: this is a pretty exact replica of the RL treadmill I’m actually walking on as I type to you
[13:48] VB: and the drafting table I have with a monitor in front of it
[13:48] VB: so for some hours a week I look exactly like “this” 😛

[13:49] ifloresav2010: haha thats funny
[13:49] kristinechu: that’s pretty sick, you have an office desk treadmill
[13:49] kristinechu: well… drafting desk*
[13:49] ifloresav2010: very productive
[13:49] VB: yes
[13:49] kristinechu: and you actually created a replica in SL. woah
[13:49] VB: apparently sitting on your butt will kill you! 😛
[13:49] VB: yes
[13:49] VB: I got the ruler out and reproduced all the dimensions… well actually… things want to be bigger in the virtual world

[13:50] kristinechu: So this place is your artist gallery?
[13:50] VB: so I think I made this 1.6x life size
[13:50] VB: oh gawd
[13:50] VB: you have to ask THAT!
[13:50] VB: uggh
[13:50] VB: another long story

[13:50] VB: I had a really nice space with 3 great roommates…
[13:50] kristinechu: shit im sorry you dont have to answer it haha
[13:50] VB: Agnes, Smilla & Lana
[13:51] VB: but the person we were renting from sold the property and the new landlord turned the place into a little bit of a virtual ghetto… so I Ieft… meanwhile… back to the whole daughter thing
[13:51] VB: she always avoided doing art stuff, but then she put out a magazine, just one issue
[13:52] VB: and then she said, just one day, “I’m opening a virtual art gallery”
[13:52] VB: so I’m actually virtually homeless ATM
[13:52] VB: and
[13:52] VB: oh gawd
[13:52] VB: yes
[13:52] VB: I’m actually here at my daughter’s place
[13:52] VB: uggh
[13:52] Keboo: WOW
[13:52] VB: how embarrasing!!! 😛

[13:53] kristinechu: i am just a tad confused
[13:53] kristinechu: you’re talking about second life right? not in real life?
[13:53] Keboo: so are most of the designs here your daughter’s creations?
[13:53] VB: so I actually built this villa that we’re at now… back at the place (in SL) that I used to rent
[13:53] ifloresav2010: haha nice!
[13:53] VB: but moved it here, to my daughter’s (virtual) gallery

[13:54] VB: yes, sorry Kristine: my real daughter has a virtual gallery. I actually DO have a home in the real world
[13:54] kristinechu: haha noo don’t be sorry
[13:54] VB: but in the virtual world
[13:54] kristinechu: ohh okay makes sense noww
[13:54] VB: I’m currently homeless

[13:54] kristinechu: so you’re concerned for your avatars health being?
[13:55] VB: hahaha
[13:55] kristinechu: so basically, your avatar must have a home
[13:55] VB: I think it’s the other way around
[13:55] kristinechu: omg haha
[13:55] VB: my avatar is concerned for the typist’s well being! It’s hard for an avatar to talk with no typist
[13:55] ifloresav2010: hahaha
[13:55] VB: so she wanted me to get off my butt and walk more! 😛

[13:55] VB: oh, no — avatars don’t need homes
[13:56] VB: unlike the physical world, you won’t get rained on and you don’t have to sleep in the gutter. In fact, for just hanging out no home is better cause you can go places and who wants to sit around the house. But if you want to make stuff it’s nice to have a home where you can work on it
[13:56] kristinechu: OHhh okay

[13:56] kristinechu: have you ever played neopets
[13:57] kristinechu: really random i know
[13:57] VB: haha
[13:57] VB: no, haven’t tried neopets
[13:57] VB: cool?
[13:57] kristinechu: errrrrrrrrrr no hahaha
[13:57] kristinechu: SIMS??
[13:57] kristinechu: im sure you have

[13:58] Keboo: have you ever worked with Frank or Eva Mattes?
[13:58] VB: sort of yes
[13:58] VB: not sims
[13:58] VB: Eva & Franco I mean
[13:58] VB: they’ve done a number of performances here in SL and I’ve participated in 2 of them
[13:59] ifloresav2010: what pieces were they?
[13:59] VB: let me find you a link… I think I have a bunch of pix on flickr…
[13:59] Keboo: Where do you see the future of virtual performance art?
[14:02] VB: here’s one:
[14:02] VB:

[14:02] VB: here’s the other:
[14:02] VB:

[14:02] VB: I think you have to be signed in to flickr to see them…
[14:03] VB: the future of virtual performance art?
[14:03] VB: great question!
[14:03] ifloresav2010: yes i can see them
[14:03] VB: and actually… I have an idea for your project… that is a sort of future…

[14:03] VB: there’s a term “Mixed Reality”
[14:03] VB: for works that combine elements of the physical world and elements of the virtual world. So I thought it might be fun / interesting for your project to try a mixed reality piece. What if there were a number of students in the physical world holding laptops, and on the laptops were their avatars in the virtual world
[14:04] ifloresav2010: i think that’s a pretty cool idea
[14:04] VB: and the avatars were holding laptops
[14:05] kristinechu: OHhh
[14:05] VB: that had live video of the physical peeps
[14:05] VB: so a sort of mixed reality hall of mirrors

[14:05] kristinechu: i get what you’re saying and that would be a pretty cool idea
[14:05] kristinechu: thanks for the advice

[14:06] ifloresav2010: how long long do you expect to be involved with virtual performances?
[14:06] Keboo: so do you see virtual performance art becoming more popular and valued in the future?
[14:06] VB: I don’t know
[14:07] VB: I guess as long as it’s a compelling space to make work and explore ideas
[14:07] VB: I don’t have an “end date” in mind, sometimes things do run their course, and you want to try other things or work elsewhere. But this still feels like a very compelling space to me atm
[14:08] VB: also it’s exciting that peeps around the globe can see your work – we’ve actually done a number of performances where we’ve had peeps from 4 different continents standing next to each other in the same virtual space. And then there’s the hassle of physical world production: you have to find a space, and stuff costs a fortune, and 12 tons of marble is really hard to move, so the virtual is pretty compelling for me ATM…

[14:09] VB: great question Keboo
[14:09] VB: the history of art is a history of new ideas being rejected and then later accepted
[14:10] VB: so right now a lot of peeps are skeptical about the virtual for a lot of different reasons
[14:10] VB: one thing about that art history
[14:10] VB: is that the new ideas… impressionist painting… photography… digital art…
[14:11] VB: they all still produced objects that could be part of the art market
[14:11] VB: so once you got over hating it
[14:11] VB: you could sell it
[14:11] VB: the virtual might not go that way

[14:11] VB: but then again
[14:11] VB: look at Wikipedia or Facebook
[14:11] VB: if you’d told someone 10 years ago that people would spend hours of their life building content on somebody else’s website, not for cash, but just for street cred, cultural capital, peeps would have laughed at you
[14:12] VB: but today look at the size and power of Wikipedia or Facebook
[14:13] VB: so I think virtual performance art could become more popular and valued in the future

[14:13] VB: then again “Virtual Reality” may always be a bit of a niche: everybody is so excited about “Augmented Reality” these days
[14:13] Keboo: very true
[14:14] VB: so perhaps the AR space will see the big growth, IDK, AR is pretty exciting too
[14:14] VB: but of course most of the apps are boring things to make money – I’d be more interested in the exciting things that don’t necessarily make money
[14:14] VB: hahaha
[14:14] VB: artists are great at not making money!
[14:14] VB: well
[14:14] Keboo: lol
[14:15] VB: and some of them are really good at making money too! 🙂
[14:15] kristinechu: lol
[14:15] ifloresav2010: haha all about money
[14:15] VB: yes
[14:15] VB: what else is new! 🙂

[14:16] kristinechu: How would a virtual performance artist make money? wouldn’t they have to make their art tangible?
[14:16] VB: well
[14:16] VB: I kind of like the model I’m using currently, which is not to give “the art” the burden of generating revenue
[14:18] VB: so I teach, and live from that income, and the art has less constraints since it doesn’t have to be something a market can sell
[14:18] VB: but can be more the expression I feel compelled to consider

[14:18] VB: if you think about all the bloggers or youtubers…
[14:19] VB: that’s kind of the same thing
[14:19] VB: most don’t make money at that passion, but if they’re good at it, if they establish an “online brand,” then they might get hired for other projects
[14:19] VB: it’s really worked out well for the Digg guys
[14:19] VB: or Natalie Tran, she did all that vlogging and got really popular and then Loney Planet hired her to make travel videos
[14:20] VB: that’s an awesome story

[14:20] VB: or peeps like iJustine
[14:21] Keboo: ooo
[14:21] VB: who built an online identity
[14:21] Keboo: i see how it all works out now
[14:21] VB: and finds various ways to earn a living from that identity
[14:21] kristinechu: it makes sense
[14:21] VB: even though her videos are all online for free

[14:21] VB: or Veronica Belmont’s gig
[14:21] VB: or Ariel Waldman’s gig
[14:22] VB: so some of those are more traditionally structured “jobs”…
[14:22] VB: or self structured jobs
[14:22] VB: but I think online / virtual / new media space is different than old media space and careers – I hope it’s different!

[14:24] Keboo: Ok, i believe that’s all the questions we have
[14:24] Keboo: Thank you for your generosity and time
[14:24] VB: awesome!
[14:24] kristinechu: Yes thank you so much
[14:24] VB: happy to help
[14:24] ifloresav2010: Thak you for your time!
[14:24] kristinechu: I hope all goes well for you!
[14:24] VB: let me know if you have more questions
[14:24] kristinechu: and it was very nice meeting you
[14:24] VB: you can IM me here in SL or email or facebook
[14:24] ifloresav2010: We appreciate it
[14:25] kristinechu: okay 🙂
[14:25] kristinechu: this place is really nice btw
[14:25] VB: and LMK if you need help on your project
[14:25] ifloresav2010: it is!
[14:25] VB: if you want to try the mixed reality piece
[14:25] kristinechu: We’ll contact you with our final idea for our virtual gallery
[14:25] VB: or if you need images or textures or objects or whatever
[14:25] VB: great
[14:25] kristinechu: we’ll most likely do that idea
[14:25] kristinechu: we just need to figure out how to do it
[14:25] VB: hahaah
[14:25] VB: you can do almost anything here
[14:25] ifloresav2010: haha
[14:25] VB: that’s one of the big attractions

[14:26] VB: btw, if it’s ok with you guys… I might blog our conversation
[14:26] kristinechu: of course 🙂
[14:26] ifloresav2010: thats cool
[14:26] kristinechu: do you still use blogspot?
[14:26] VB: no, that’s weird, it always comes up in the search ranks, maybe because google owns it?
[14:27] VB: I haven’t actually blogged there in over a year, I do everything on wordpress now
[14:27] VB:

[14:27] VB: I’m Vaneeesa Blaylock everywhere on the web… except facebook, they rejected my name!!! So I have to be “Vanessa” Blaylock on facebook! 😛
[14:28] kristinechu: well i do look forward to seeing our conversation on your blog if you do decide to write about it 🙂
[14:28] Keboo: yes yes 😀
[14:28] VB: awesome
[14:28] Keboo: would this happen to be your first virtual interview?
[14:28] VB: not the first, but I haven’t done too many
[14:29] Keboo: oh
[14:29] Keboo: i see
[14:29] VB: but it’s almost certainly the best! :))
[14:29] Keboo: woooot
[14:29] ifloresav2010: haha nice
[14:30] kristinechu: yay! 🙂
[14:30] VB: and none of you look alike!
[14:30] VB: very impressive!
[14:30] VB: haha

[14:30] kristinechu: thank you, i really like your dress
[14:31] VB: oh haha
[14:31] VB: it’s actually an adaptation of that “Girl Next Door” I told you about. For our 1st anniversary we did an adaptation of that work, and for our 2nd anniversary we did “The Seniors Project” and I took the GND dress I was “born in” and adapted it for my Senior Avatar
[14:32] VB: I realized that in SL you see A LOT of different looks and bodies, but the thing you see the least is seniors, there’s a few, but very few. Peeps here are ok with all kinds of things, but the one thing almost nobody wants to be is old. So we did a performance celebrating “senior avatars” 😛
[14:34] kristinechu: haha that’s true, i did take a picture of your avatar and realized you had grey hair!
[14:35] VB: yes
[14:35] VB: maybe I’ll dye it
[14:35] VB: whaat color do you think?
[14:35] VB: pink?
[14:35] VB: blue?
[14:35] VB: pink and blue?
[14:35] kristinechu: blue pink purple
[14:35] kristinechu: like a fade
[14:35] VB: nice
[14:35] VB: snow cone hair!
[14:35] ifloresav2010: haha both
[14:37] VB: that was a lot of walking!
[14:38] kristinechu: LOL
[14:38] Keboo: lol

[14:38] Keboo: can we get a group picture?
[14:38] ifloresav2010: haha
[14:38] VB: btw be sure to check out my boots – I think they’re the coolest granny boots ever!
[14:39] VB: group photo?
[14:39] Keboo: `wow
[14:39] VB: sure!
[14:39] Keboo: very fancy and detailed
[14:39] Keboo: did you create everything from scrap?
[14:39] VB: the Villa I built
[14:39] VB: the clothes are not by me
[14:40] Keboo: oh wow
[14:40] VB shouts: I put some pose balls down here on the mosaic
[14:40] VB: these are actually the pose balls from The Seniors Project, we performed it here on the mosaic. So it’s kind of an “abstract” group photo, but it’s like you’re in one of my pieces. We can also take a nicer “group photo”
[14:42] Keboo: ok, lets do that also 😀

[14:43] VB: here’s some more, we can do “Gossip Girl,” haha
[14:44] Keboo: LOLLL
[14:44] VB: awesome!
[14:44] kristinechu: AHHAHA
[14:44] kristinechu: whaatt theee loool
[14:44] kristinechu: ian right click a ball and click sit here
[14:45] ifloresav2010: my bad
[14:45] kristinechu: this is really cool
[14:46] VB: it all takes some getting used to – think how long it took you to learn to walk! 😛
[14:46] kristinechu: ian be nate 😀
[14:46] VB: Ian’s a big guy! 😛
[14:47] kristinechu: there we go Haha 🙂
[14:47] VB: and an awesome Nate!
[14:47] ifloresav2010: did i do it? haha
[14:47] kristinechu: yes 🙂
[14:47] kristinechu: i got a picture
[14:47] Keboo: haha
[14:47] Keboo: ok
[14:47] Keboo: thank you for your time
[14:47] VB: it was a lot of fun
[14:47] VB: thank you
[14:47] Keboo: have a great day 🙂
[14:47] ifloresav2010: Yes thanks!
[14:47] VB: feel free to contact me any time
[14:47] kristinechu: 🙂 !!
[14:47] Keboo: we will
[14:47] kristinechu: sure thing we’ll do that soon
[14:48] ifloresav2010: cool! forsure
[14:48] VB: you guys have a great day too!
[14:48] VB: oh yeah
[14:48] VB: and be nice to your mom!
[14:49] VB: hahaha
[14:49] ifloresav2010: haha
[14:49] kristinechu: will do 🙂

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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  1. I’m Vaneeesa Blaylock everywhere on the web… except facebook, they rejected my name!!! So I have to be “Vanessa”Blaylock on facebook!

    Are they spelling police also?

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