VB25 – Return

VB25 – Return
by Vaneeesa Blaylock

On 19 October 2010 I left this world:

Today, a half year plus four days later, I returned.

Initially conecived as a “resurrection”
it seemed more fitting to have a simple “return”
not too much grandeur
(though we did put the VB16 dome on the beach at An Li as a suitable welcome home “tent”)

23 April 2011
GMT: 5pm – 12:08am
SLT: 10am – 5:08pm

For 7 hours and 8 minutes, with a single 10-minute break, I spent time with the following individuals. We spoke 1-to-1 in IM. No local chat, no multiple IM’s, no AFK, just a single, focused, honest conversation with another human being. Large topics. Small topics. Two long-running “feuds” were resolved. Or actually, in both cases, my friend said it had really been resolved a long time ago.

10:00 Fafner Hofmann
10:11 NicoleX Moonwall
10:42 Miso Susanowa
11:23 Pennyroyal Calamity
11:55 Gina Broono
11:59 Zola Zsun
12:35 Trilby Minotaur
1:15 Laurel Leavitt
1:56 Heathers Miles
2:34 Kikas Babenco & Marmaduke Arado
3:46 [break]
3:56 Van Caerndow
5:08 [fin]

Fafner Hofmann 10:00 - 10:11am SLT
NicoleX Moonwall 10:11 - 10:42am SLT
Miso Susanowa 10:42 - 11:23am SLT
Pennyroyal Calamity 11:23 - 11:55am SLT
Gina Broono 11:55 - 11:59am SLT
Zola Zsun 11:59 - 12:35pm SLT
Trilby Minotaur 12:35 - 1:15pm SLT
Laurel Leavitt 1:15 - 1:56pm SLT
Heathers Miles - 1:56 - 2:34pm SLT
Kikas Babenco & Marmaduke Arado 2:34 - 3:46pm SLT
Van Caerndow 3:56 - 5:08pm SLT

I think I really did have to leave…

And my experiences on the road were deeply enriching…

But as Dorothy put it so elegantly, There’s no place like home.


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

4 thoughts on “VB25 – Return

  1. He he, Vaneeza, I love the post you send to Trill. I know your calling her “Slut” in the very affectionate way, ………………………….right …..RIGHT ? LOL
    I love reading your Blog
    Glad your all back together


  2. Thanks Dino! 🙂

    Where did what go? The postcard? I’ve got a whole box of them! Send me an IM in-world and I’ll send you a lovely boxed set of postcards!

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