VB Previz #47 – Un/Wedding2.0

The Reverend Dodgson invented the Unbirthday

And Bob Altman gave us A Wedding:

and now
Ze Moo
Vaneeesa Blaylock
and all your past, present, and future friends @VB/CO bring you…


the mass event where everybody marries everybody!

Amazing Venue: The Rose Theatre

Date: Saturday 4 June 2011
SLT: 3pm
GMT: 10pm
CEST: Midnight

Wedding / Performance: 3-4pm SLT
Dancing 4pm SLT till…

You are invited to stand with usย on the grand staircase of the grand ballroom at The Rose Theatre. We will standย motionless and in silence for one hour. At the end of the hour we will all be married!

RSVP Second Life: Join the VB Friends group in Second Life:


RSVP Facebook:


So then, what are we all gonna wear?

Well… you gots two choices: White… Black…

But not that cheezy, traditional… bride in white groom in black crap… Girls can wear white or black… Guys can wear white or black (just pick ONE!) (and yes SL has caught the FL trend, I have seen black wedding dresses around the grid!)

You can cut loose on your shoes. Wear any color shoes you like!

The amazing designer Carina Larsen will do all the girls and all the guys hair. She’ll do all the girls in a “tiara ready” updo called “Viola” and all the guys in a ruggedly masculine ponytail called “Steve.” Viola is tiara ready, but does not come with a tiara, so BYO Tiara girls! Carina will, of course, do your hair in whatever your “natural” ย (hahaha) color is. Please add a comment to this post listing the name of the color you’d like from the Amacci color chart below and Carina will deliver your styled, wedding-ready hair to you.

Oh, ps: if you want to go look at all of Carina’s work:

Be sure we have the correct spelling of your avatar name.
And if you want Viola or Steve

Hair Choices So Far

1. Kikas Babenco – Sweedish Blond
2. Zola Zsun – Summer Blond
3. Trilby Minotaur – White
4. Vaneeesa Blaylock – Lilac
5. Yajiru Blaylock – Blueberry
6. Fiona Blaylock – Red Auburn
7. Moonique Nightfire – Pearl Platinum
8. Spirit Radikal – Lime
9. Agnes Sharple – Lime
10. Pennyroyal Calamity – Red Auburn
11. Khannea Suntzu – Midnight Black
12. Bleu Oleander – White
13. Apmel Goosson – Black Coal
14. Meandra Resident – Black Coal
15. Benji Bhalti: Miss Vanessa – Golden Blonde
16. Sadie Slingshot – Black Coal

1. Ze Moo – Jet Black
2. Marmaduke Arado – Brown Sugar

2nd (& last) Round!

1. Monerda Skute – Hazelnut
2. Eos Akina – Black Coal
3. NightOwl Meridoc – Brown Sugar
4. Sylvie Sikorsky – Natural Copper
5. Heathers Miles – Pearl Platinum
6. Maddie Mhia – Pink

1. Apmel Goosson – Black Coal
2. Jacks Wylder – Brown Sugar

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

18 thoughts on “VB Previz #47 – Un/Wedding2.0

  1. Yes Kikas, and everyone else, we’re all using the same hairstyle for girls (remember, BYO Tiara!)

    I’ll try to add a hairstyle for guys later today. The hair colors will be that same palette for girls/guys, and yes, everyone can follow Kikas lead and just add your color choice here and we’ll send them out… ooh… I have to go see what *my* color is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tiara? Is that a town in Mexico? In case the wedding dress selection is open for votes, I cast mine for wedding-dress-3. Kinda reminds me of how mine looked the morning after the prom lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh and congratulations to the happy couple! Will you be adopting Ze’s last name? Vaneeesa Moo hmmm…

  3. oh i love an excuse to wear a tiara.. not that i need one ..
    and excuse that is..
    and summer blond will be fabulous once i add my special tint to it..
    (i do try to be consistent)
    (or naked)
    (whichever is appropriate)

  4. Not sure If I wil be on time, but if so my choice is:

    Viola | Black Coal

    Meandra Resident

  5. I DID NOT wish for Viola Black Cole. Maybe Apmel sounds like a girl but he definitely IS NOT ๐Ÿ™‚

    Could I please get a Steve version instead!

  6. Hi Deoridhe,

    Sowii! We already sent the 2nd & last batch of names in to Amacci and we can’t get any more hair for this performance. But we’d still love to have you, you can wear any hair you like.


    xoxo, — Van

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