Tizzers Foxchase

[2011/01/06 07:12] Tizzers Foxchase: <3
[2011/01/06 07:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: hey Tizzers
[2011/01/06 07:13] Tizzers Foxchase: hai!
[2011/01/06 07:13] Tizzers Foxchase: πŸ˜€
[2011/01/06 07:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: your face reminds me of someone I used to know
[2011/01/06 07:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I think she went off to make cool B&W videos
[2011/01/06 07:13] Tizzers Foxchase: I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence, really!
[2011/01/06 07:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh yes
[2011/01/06 07:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: probably

[2011/01/06 07:14] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but you know how we confabulate ideas & relationships based on the vagaries of human pattern recognition…
[2011/01/06 07:14] Tizzers Foxchase: Indeed
[2011/01/06 07:14] Vaneeesa Blaylock: it’s a gift
[2011/01/06 07:14] Vaneeesa Blaylock: it’s a curse
[2011/01/06 07:15] Tizzers Foxchase is Online
[2011/01/06 07:15] Tizzers Foxchase: A few fun outfits in case you’re feeling edgy and soviet. :]
[2011/01/06 07:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh, the crappy old 2010 outfits???
[2011/01/06 07:16] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I saw the video
[2011/01/06 07:16] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I want the 2011 models!
[2011/01/06 07:16] Vaneeesa Blaylock: not this outlet crap! πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 07:16] Tizzers Foxchase: Haha same ones! Just different packaging. πŸ˜‰
[2011/01/06 07:16] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes of course
[2011/01/06 07:16] Tizzers Foxchase: Our designer was asked by Linden Lab to discontinue doing business with us, or be banned.
[2011/01/06 07:17] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but McLuhan said it wouldn’t be about the actual product anymore… just the satisfaction of having the serial number associated with your identity when you see the commercials…
[2011/01/06 07:17] Vaneeesa Blaylock: really?
[2011/01/06 07:17] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I didn’t know that part!
[2011/01/06 07:18] Tizzers Foxchase: Oh but it’s so true, and it’s why the achievement system works really well in games. We can skip the physical product and have instant satisfaction of said item “enhancing” our identity.

[2011/01/06 07:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: the best is paying somebody else to level up your avatar for you
[2011/01/06 07:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: this uniform is too starchy
[2011/01/06 07:19] Vaneeesa Blaylock: don’t you have something in cotton or linnen?
[2011/01/06 07:19] Tizzers Foxchase: Sorry, our textile factory was bombed by the capitalist pigs last year.
[2011/01/06 07:19] Tizzers Foxchase: We take what we can get
[2011/01/06 07:19] Tizzers Foxchase: β€šΓ²β‰ 
[2011/01/06 07:20] Vaneeesa Blaylock: your system always has to make excuses for the inferiority of your production
[2011/01/06 07:21] Tizzers Foxchase: Drink comrades, it’s this or the gulag!
[2011/01/06 07:21] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but your video was AMAZING!
[2011/01/06 07:21] Tizzers Foxchase: Thanks!
[2011/01/06 07:21] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’ve been pimping it to everyone
[2011/01/06 07:21] Tizzers Foxchase: yay!
[2011/01/06 07:21] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh nice
[2011/01/06 07:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: you get the cute minidress… while I sweat to death in this cold-war era armour!
[2011/01/06 07:22] Tizzers Foxchase: haha everything you need is there! I just trimmed the bottom of the jacket and removed the pants.
[2011/01/06 07:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh funny

[2011/01/06 07:23] Vaneeesa Blaylock: it looks a lot better on you
[2011/01/06 07:23] Vaneeesa Blaylock: πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 07:23] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but we’re all happy comrads… so why worry!
[2011/01/06 07:23] Tizzers Foxchase: I think if you adjust the shoulders it will help, the uniform is unisex so they’re not exactly built for the female shape.
[2011/01/06 07:23] Tizzers Foxchase: yes!
[2011/01/06 07:24] Vaneeesa Blaylock: this is a great build
[2011/01/06 07:24] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I assume it’s not a woodbury sim! πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 07:24] Tizzers Foxchase: Thanks! You’re on the super FIC access list now, this sim is way locked down right now to the public, as you can imagine.
[2011/01/06 07:24] Tizzers Foxchase: Which is unfortunate because that really goes against what the group is about.
[2011/01/06 07:25] Vaneeesa Blaylock: and you were excited about Blue Mars… but no longer… is that right?
[2011/01/06 07:25] Tizzers Foxchase: The world is begging for an interconnected open virtual world where we don’t have to fear being nuked from orbit.
[2011/01/06 07:25] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes!
[2011/01/06 07:26] Vaneeesa Blaylock: The problem is… LL owns the world… is the hegemonic, authoritarian dictator…
[2011/01/06 07:26] Tizzers Foxchase: Blue Mars is a really sad case, because it has so much potential but Avatar Reality just doesn’t understand the idea of Web 2.0 and crowdsourcing.
[2011/01/06 07:26] Vaneeesa Blaylock: there should be a way for them to make profit… AND… for it to be a “wikipedia” sort of governance…
[2011/01/06 07:26] Tizzers Foxchase: http://alphavilleherald.com/2010/11/oped-youve-lost-that-web-2-0-feeling.html
[2011/01/06 07:27] Tizzers Foxchase: This sums up my thoughts on Blue Mars.
[2011/01/06 07:27] Vaneeesa Blaylock: nice

[2011/01/06 07:27] Vaneeesa Blaylock: when are you writing your guest post for I Rez Therefore I Am?
[2011/01/06 07:27] Tizzers Foxchase smiles.
[2011/01/06 07:28] Tizzers Foxchase: When I’m not filming black and white propaganda machinima!
[2011/01/06 07:28] Vaneeesa Blaylock: kk
[2011/01/06 07:28] Vaneeesa Blaylock: seriously… it’d be great to have something… whenever you like…
[2011/01/06 07:28] Tizzers Foxchase: I’d really like to get back into writing though, so we’ll definitely explore that at some point.
[2011/01/06 07:29] Vaneeesa Blaylock: now that we’ve left god-forsaken SL and moved to the Multiverse…. I feel like the blog is the one place to sort of be a repository for worlds and ideas…
[2011/01/06 07:29] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I bought a region over on InWorldz
[2011/01/06 07:30] Tizzers Foxchase: Oh really? How is that working out for you?
[2011/01/06 07:30] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I love it!
[2011/01/06 07:30] Vaneeesa Blaylock: excpet for the part about how InWorldz performance
[2011/01/06 07:30] Vaneeesa Blaylock: SUCKS WORSE THAN SL!
[2011/01/06 07:31] Tizzers Foxchase: InWorldz is wholly owned by some company/LLC, no?
[2011/01/06 07:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’m getting a new computer… so maybe I’ll have double-diget frame rates and be happier…
[2011/01/06 07:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes, something like that…
[2011/01/06 07:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: it’s sort of a SL-lite
[2011/01/06 07:31] Tizzers Foxchase nods.

[2011/01/06 07:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: not a really different philisophy
[2011/01/06 07:32] Vaneeesa Blaylock: But OS Grid ran even shitter than InWorldz for me
[2011/01/06 07:32] Vaneeesa Blaylock: all the peeps who say the alternate grids will surpass SL any day now… I don’t see it… I think SL runs poorly… and all the rest are worse…
[2011/01/06 07:32] Tizzers Foxchase: I have a hard time getting past the fact that OpenSim is just a reverse engineered hack of an already broken platform.
[2011/01/06 07:33] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes
[2011/01/06 07:33] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’d love to see it work out… but it doesn’t feel likely…
[2011/01/06 07:33] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but what are the choices… SL / BM / Games / Wait…
[2011/01/06 07:34] Tizzers Foxchase: The magic of Second Life is the fact that you exist simultaneously with thousands of people in the same persistant world. I’ve never seen an OpenSim grid break 3-digit concurrency and that’s being generous.
[2011/01/06 07:35] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’m actually les concerned about the low traffic in those places (I’m trying to be more ‘Allan Kaprow” this year) but they just run more poorly than your “already broken platform”…
[2011/01/06 07:35] Tizzers Foxchase: Companies like Blue Mars adopt the mindset of “If we build it, they will come.” However I see the next big SL competitor saying “If we let them build it, they will come.”

[2011/01/06 07:35] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes
[2011/01/06 07:36] Vaneeesa Blaylock: that’s “obvious” — ha ha ha
[2011/01/06 07:36] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I thik it’s called “Web2.0”
[2011/01/06 07:36] Tizzers Foxchase: Blue Mars has a huge technical barrier to entry that really isolates the development community to a select few techy designers that know 3DS Max.
[2011/01/06 07:36] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh, is that the only way to make stuff?
[2011/01/06 07:37] Tizzers Foxchase: It would be like expecting every Facebook user to know HTML/PHP etc. Web 2.0 works because it allows anybody to just fill in a box and click submit.
[2011/01/06 07:37] Tizzers Foxchase: Yes it requires knowledge of really complicated 3rd party 3D programs.
[2011/01/06 07:37] Vaneeesa Blaylock: right
[2011/01/06 07:37] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I think Philip’s 2003 vision was brilliant
[2011/01/06 07:37] Vaneeesa Blaylock: why doesn’t he care anymore?
[2011/01/06 07:38] Tizzers Foxchase: He’s looking for the “next shit” as Pixeleen so eloquently puts it.
[2011/01/06 07:39] Vaneeesa Blaylock: To me SL is a lot more exciting than anything Apple ever did… yet Steve Jobs crawled thru broken glass to get his baby back…… Philip, the baby comes home and he kicks it out?
[2011/01/06 07:39] Tizzers Foxchase: In my opinion, the board of directors drove him away because his big dreams didn’t always quite match up with the reality of things like budgets and return on investment.

[2011/01/06 07:39] Vaneeesa Blaylock: to do Love Machine???
[2011/01/06 07:40] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so everything comes from the compromises he had to make to get start-up money…
[2011/01/06 07:40] Tizzers Foxchase: Love Machine is being funded by a lot of the same people that funded SL including Jeff Bezos.
[2011/01/06 07:41] Tizzers Foxchase: And he just met with Kevin Rose to discuss an angel investment.
[2011/01/06 07:41] Vaneeesa Blaylock: ha ha ha — Kevin Rose was great for Pownce!
[2011/01/06 07:41] Tizzers Foxchase: I remember when he was an intern on ZDTV.
[2011/01/06 07:41] Tizzers Foxchase: Way before Digg
[2011/01/06 07:42] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I don’t really get LM…. just sounds weak…
[2011/01/06 07:42] Vaneeesa Blaylock: to me SL was such a vision… it’s a tragedy! O_o
[2011/01/06 07:43] Tizzers Foxchase: He’s trying to change the world with his ideas, but it’s a little too much too fast.
[2011/01/06 07:43] Tizzers Foxchase: Building a platform like SL is a reasonable and achievable goal. Creating a global currency market with space dollars is a little… experimental.
[2011/01/06 07:44] Tizzers Foxchase: Of course, alongside harnessing the collective intelligence of the SL grid (oxymoron much?) to create some new form of AI. It will be interesting to see what application -that- has.

[2011/01/06 07:45] Vaneeesa Blaylock: His UGC idea for SL was the ticket… but we still have hegemonic governance… a thing like Wikipedia is UGC AND Participant Governance… Jimmy Wales doesn’t get to dictate anything…
[2011/01/06 07:46] Vaneeesa Blaylock: ((but yes, there are plenty of idiot users… so who knows what that’d be like… but Wikipedia’s worked out fairly well… but it’s not as diverse as a Virtual World…)
[2011/01/06 07:46] Tizzers Foxchase: Second Life was heading in the right direction until Cory Ondrejka was fired. He was the one pushing to release the server code. Catherine Smith at one point had said that LL was aiming to be more of an ICANN than a hosting company.
[2011/01/06 07:46] Tizzers Foxchase: It’s unfortunate that never came to fruition.
[2011/01/06 07:47] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Have you been reading the comments on the LL New CEO Blog — it’s become an amazing (loooong) status update on what peeps think this place is about
[2011/01/06 07:47] Vaneeesa Blaylock: YES! More ICANN than Hosting — exactly!
[2011/01/06 07:47] Tizzers Foxchase: Yes, and it just goes to show that SL suffers from an identity crisis. Not even LL knows what it is at any given moment.
[2011/01/06 07:48] Tizzers Foxchase: It’s The Sims! No, it’s WebEx! Oh it’s The Sims again!
[2011/01/06 07:48] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but not knowing what it is could also mean healthy diversity
[2011/01/06 07:48] Vaneeesa Blaylock: of user intersts
[2011/01/06 07:48] Vaneeesa Blaylock: not a monolithic usage modality
[2011/01/06 07:49] Tizzers Foxchase: The diversity is what allows for the clashing of subcultures and groups in SL, which of course creates the much needed drama to keep a platform like this interesting.
[2011/01/06 07:49] Tizzers Foxchase: So ya in that sense it’s been beneficial.

[2011/01/06 07:50] Tizzers Foxchase: Patrick Davidson did a really great talk about different perceptions of Second Life in this presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p5d4e5e-7o
[2011/01/06 07:50] Vaneeesa Blaylock: So what do you hope for? In our out of SL… what’s your best-case future for Virtual Worlds?
[2011/01/06 07:50] Tizzers Foxchase: It’s so true, and it’s why we get people screaming bloody murder about groups like… mine. We see the platform as something different.
[2011/01/06 07:52] Tizzers Foxchase: I want to see a virtual world that provides the mainstream with powerful tools to build their world, hosted on an interconnected system that isn’t controlled by a single entity. There needs to be an ICANN style registration system, a global micropayment system like Paypal, etc
[2011/01/06 07:52] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes, yes, yes — but — how do we get there?
[2011/01/06 07:53] Vaneeesa Blaylock: do we need a Philip-like innovator to make it happen?
[2011/01/06 07:53] Tizzers Foxchase: It’s going to take either a DARPA style government grant, or a really long-term collaboration in the opensource community (as we’ve seen with Linux).
[2011/01/06 07:54] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so no near-term joy…
[2011/01/06 07:54] Tizzers Foxchase: Something like that would take years to materialize.
[2011/01/06 07:56] Vaneeesa Blaylock: IDK if you’ve seen my blog at all… I had a fight with the Burn2 peeps in Oct and have left (ha ha ha) SL… seeing the other grids has, to be honest, made me appreciate SL a bit more… if you aren’t on this weeks “No Fly List”… life here isn’t that bad… and you can make fairly cool stuff… as long as your’e not Woodbury, of course (their stuff is too coool for this world πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 07:56] Tizzers Foxchase: We like Second Life. It’s why we keep coming back. It’s the company that runs it that is the problem.
[2011/01/06 07:57] Vaneeesa Blaylock: but is Flickr or FAcebook or anybody else any better?
[2011/01/06 07:58] Tizzers Foxchase: But really Vaneeesa, all of this is going to be so antiquated by the end of the decade. We’re going to see major shifts in the way humans interact with computers, and the way information is displayed.

[2011/01/06 07:58] Tizzers Foxchase: Flat traditional LCD monitors could very well be collecting dust with the truckloads of CRTs going away for disposal.
[2011/01/06 07:59] Vaneeesa Blaylock: easy for you to say as I watch you jitter across the screen with my 3.8 fps Frame Rate!
[2011/01/06 08:00] Tizzers Foxchase: The current methods of connecting with the machine are ancient. The QWERTY keyboard was late 19th century technology. The mouse was 1970s technology at Xerox PARC. There needs to be a new level of immersion.
[2011/01/06 08:00] Vaneeesa Blaylock: You’ve seen this vid, of course? It says it all to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBO5dh9qrIQ
[2011/01/06 08:01] Tizzers Foxchase: Hahaha yes.
[2011/01/06 08:03] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’m sure there will be immersive/VR-like interfaces and experiences… but I also think keyboards and mice ARE powerful tools for many things we do… Tom Cruise’ Minority Report Multi-gesture interface LOOKS sexy… but it’d suck as a “real” interaction modality
[2011/01/06 08:03] Tizzers Foxchase: There will come a time when we won’t even need to move our hands to control an interface. :]
[2011/01/06 08:04] Tizzers Foxchase: “When you’re ready Neo… you won’t have to.”
[2011/01/06 08:04] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Oh, yeah… I blogged him too! πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 08:04] Tizzers Foxchase: πŸ˜€
[2011/01/06 08:05] Vaneeesa Blaylock: http://vaneeesa.com/2010/12/13/the-broken-man/
[2011/01/06 08:06] Tizzers Foxchase: “whoa”
[2011/01/06 08:06] Vaneeesa Blaylock: πŸ˜›

[2011/01/06 08:07] Vaneeesa Blaylock: So, every time I google Woodbury, they always look so much more conservative than you… you just be from the big thinker division or something…
[2011/01/06 08:07] Vaneeesa Blaylock: *must
[2011/01/06 08:08] Tizzers Foxchase: It’s good knowning the right people, especially the ones with the checkbooks.
[2011/01/06 08:08] Vaneeesa Blaylock: ha ha ha
[2011/01/06 08:09] Vaneeesa Blaylock: it’s really a shame LL doesn’t care about money… you’d think at least THAT would matter to them…
[2011/01/06 08:10] Tizzers Foxchase: I think they care about money, just not the money that comes from things like sim tier and microtransactions. All of the recent moves that pointed to a buyout.
[2011/01/06 08:10] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes
[2011/01/06 08:10] Vaneeesa Blaylock: not money from customers
[2011/01/06 08:11] Vaneeesa Blaylock: if Woodbury wanted to buy the whole LL… maybe they’d pay more attention
[2011/01/06 08:11] Tizzers Foxchase: According to Prok, the US Navy purchased Nebraska from LL. I imagine that was worth a pretty penny.

[2011/01/06 08:11] Vaneeesa Blaylock: and what is “Nebraska”?
[2011/01/06 08:11] Tizzers Foxchase: It was their “behind the firewall” Second Life for business. It included physical servers that a company could house in-house.
[2011/01/06 08:12] Tizzers Foxchase: The navy bought the rights to that entire system.
[2011/01/06 08:12] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh wow
[2011/01/06 08:12] Vaneeesa Blaylock: that’s large
[2011/01/06 08:13] Tizzers Foxchase: I think that’s the kind of money they are interested in. At one point IBM was one of their bigger sugar daddys.
[2011/01/06 08:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: It’s funny… but we’re pretty much living off the fruits of evil military geniuses, aren’t we…
[2011/01/06 08:13] Tizzers Foxchase: Of course IBM has a stready flow of government grant money so they can afford to spend it on experimental technologies like virtual teleconferencing in a broken video game.
[2011/01/06 08:14] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Without ARPA/DARPA your car wouldn’t even be able to find it’s way to the next Fly ‘n Buy!
[2011/01/06 08:14] Tizzers Foxchase: Without ARPA/DARPA we wouldn’t be having this conversation!
[2011/01/06 08:14] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so there you go
[2011/01/06 08:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I’m taking off this lame red uniform and putting on a nice blue one
[2011/01/06 08:15] Tizzers Foxchase smiles.

[2011/01/06 08:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: or I guess red is also ATI… malybe I sould put on an nVidia Team Green then…
[2011/01/06 08:16] Tizzers Foxchase: ATI, more like RIP! AMD said hasta la vista to that brand.
[2011/01/06 08:17] Vaneeesa Blaylock: well… not gone… just assimilated… right?
[2011/01/06 08:17] Tizzers Foxchase: Exactly
[2011/01/06 08:17] Tizzers Foxchase: Same shoddy Canadian technology, different sticker on the card.
[2011/01/06 08:17] Tizzers Foxchase: πŸ˜€
[2011/01/06 08:17] Tizzers Foxchase: I tease, *is a total nvidia fan*
[2011/01/06 08:17] Vaneeesa Blaylock: and you prefer what? Good-ol American tin cans & string?
[2011/01/06 08:18] Tizzers Foxchase: I can cook an egg on my GTX480 tyvm!
[2011/01/06 08:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: nice

[2011/01/06 08:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: I just ordered a 580 πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 08:18] Tizzers Foxchase: Yea, figures the 580 would come out 2 months after I pay $500 for mine!
[2011/01/06 08:19] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oh really? yours is that new?
[2011/01/06 08:19] Tizzers Foxchase: Oh technology, how you burn a hole in my wallet.
[2011/01/06 08:19] Vaneeesa Blaylock: yes, 600watts just for the video card… bring yoru eggs!
[2011/01/06 08:20] Tizzers Foxchase: Eep~ my crappy client is starting to derez the sim. Glorious soviet coding!
[2011/01/06 08:21] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Are you going to siggraph in vancouver?
[2011/01/06 08:21] Tizzers Foxchase: I go to siggraph when it’s in LA
[2011/01/06 08:21] Vaneeesa Blaylock: well, it’s still the west coast of N America! πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 08:21] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so picky!
[2011/01/06 08:21] Tizzers Foxchase: lol
[2011/01/06 08:22] Tizzers Foxchase: I worked at Dreamworks for a few years, we’d always go spy on what Disney was up to.
[2011/01/06 08:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so you gave up hi-end animation for low-end anarchy?
[2011/01/06 08:22] Tizzers Foxchase: Yea that’s one way of putting it. *laughs*

[2011/01/06 08:23] Vaneeesa Blaylock: and now you have to buy your own video cards!
[2011/01/06 08:23] Tizzers Foxchase: sadface… oh wait. That sounds like something I can expese through the school!
[2011/01/06 08:23] Tizzers Foxchase: Thank you higher education!
[2011/01/06 08:24] Tizzers Foxchase: Tuition money hard at work.
[2011/01/06 08:24] Tizzers Foxchase: Make kids pay through the nose and then spend it on all sorts of… stuff.
[2011/01/06 08:24] Vaneeesa Blaylock: πŸ™‚
[2011/01/06 08:25] Vaneeesa Blaylock: (you don’t have to answer this) So, do you teach more technique/animation/craft… or more philisophy/ideas/hactivism…
[2011/01/06 08:25] Tizzers Foxchase: Yes.
[2011/01/06 08:25] Tizzers Foxchase: πŸ™‚
[2011/01/06 08:25] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oic
[2011/01/06 08:25] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so TALENTED Anarchists!

[2011/01/06 08:26] Tizzers Foxchase: Exactly! We want the students understanding the meaning of the content they are creating.
[2011/01/06 08:26] Vaneeesa Blaylock: really?
[2011/01/06 08:26] Vaneeesa Blaylock: that’s crazy!!!
[2011/01/06 08:27] Tizzers Foxchase: I know I know, it sounds insane! Radical left-wing technocommunist agenda and such.
[2011/01/06 08:27] Vaneeesa Blaylock: that’s the most radical idea ever
[2011/01/06 08:27] Vaneeesa Blaylock: so… be a part of the system… AND… see the big picture???
[2011/01/06 08:27] Tizzers Foxchase: Bingo
[2011/01/06 08:28] Vaneeesa Blaylock: won’t that just make the gears bitter?
[2011/01/06 08:29] Tizzers Foxchase: Better to be informed and miserable than ignorant and blissful. If people wanted to remain in the dark they should save $100,000+ and go work at McDonalds!

[2011/01/06 08:29] Tizzers Foxchase: Although we try to be informed and have fun with it. Thus things like… this sim.
[2011/01/06 08:30] Tizzers Foxchase: It’s our way of making a social commentary and doubling as a playground.
[2011/01/06 08:30] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Or will we let go of the Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks gloss and make more cool/crappy/thoughful YouTube videos?
[2011/01/06 08:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Although your new video is cool and thoughful and not crappy! πŸ™‚
[2011/01/06 08:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: look — it’s a crowd!
[2011/01/06 08:31] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Are we going to be abducted for subversive speech?
[2011/01/06 08:32] Tizzers Foxchase: cool/crappy/thoughtful youtube videos don’t need to be filtered through several layers of bureaucracy and corporate hierarchy.
[2011/01/06 08:52] Tizzers Foxchase is Offline
[2011/01/06 08:53] Tizzers Foxchase is Online
[2011/01/06 09:14] Vaneeesa Blaylock: Since you’re busy making counterfactual B&W videos instead of writing insightful ideology blogs… can I publish this conversation (the one with you and me… not the group stuff) on the blog? It seems “harmless”… but you can redact if needed…?
[2011/01/06 09:15] Tizzers Foxchase: Let me scan it really quick. :]
[2011/01/06 09:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: ha ha ha
[2011/01/06 09:15] Vaneeesa Blaylock: of course! πŸ˜›

[2011/01/06 09:17] Tizzers Foxchase: Looks fine to me, however I’d like to avoid mention of this account in the logs if possible.
[2011/01/06 09:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: oic… so take your name ouot?
[2011/01/06 09:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: *out
[2011/01/06 09:18] Tizzers Foxchase nods.
[2011/01/06 09:18] Vaneeesa Blaylock: call it “Comrade X”
[2011/01/06 09:18] Tizzers Foxchase: Or you can just replace it with the name I use on Twitter, SL Herald, etc.
[2011/01/06 09:19] Vaneeesa Blaylock: which is?
[2011/01/06 09:20] Tizzers Foxchase: I can neither confirm nor deny any association with that person, but it sounds fine to me.
[2011/01/06 09:20] Tizzers Foxchase: πŸ˜€
[2011/01/06 09:20] Tizzers Foxchase: Tizzers Foxchase is fine
[2011/01/06 09:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: she’s not in search — they’ll say I’m having conversations with dead people! πŸ˜›
[2011/01/06 09:22] Vaneeesa Blaylock: You and your alts! I keep all mine in ONE place! πŸ˜› http://vaneeesa.com/2011/01/05/previz-do-you-wanna-date-my-avatar/
[2011/01/06 09:22] Tizzers Foxchase laughs.

β€” VB

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

3 thoughts on “Tizzers Foxchase

  1. Very interesting interview.

    Tizzer’s is correct Second Life is inherently more interesting due to the high user numbers.

    “The world is begging for an interconnected open virtual world where we don’t have to fear being nuked from orbit.”

    A vision of a Metaverse where Regions are like webpages will need to move through an uninteresting development phase. We see this with the Opensim based grids. Concurrency is low. However, for creative people, educational tool implementers, etc, this is largely irrelevant at the moment.

    The components to achieving this are already there. It just needs coordination and uptake. Today, “Sim-on-a-Stick” is available with the Hypergrid protocol. I saw a blog post that the tipping point would be a Facebook like module(like a SLurl) that would enable one to visit a users Region(s) by clicking a link. The region runs on the machine like any service or application. It seems Linden Labs may have pipped Opensimulator at the post there. Very wise of them to start forging ties with facebook.

    Economy. Tizzers is correct again, and also aligns with Prokofy Neva’s belief that economy is all important.

    Walled Gardens. SL is a walled garden. InWorldz is. This is not bad. The difference between s future successful walled garden is whether they will permit Hypergridding.

    A website analogy aligns 1:1

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