VB Previz #39 – The Guild

Monerda Uber Mage Sepia

VB25 – The Guild

Saturday, 12 March 2011, 8-10pm GMT
a performance on the World of Warcraft / Argent Dawn server

I don’t know what this performance is yet. And the truth is, I don’t know much about WoW. I’ve spent one long day wandering around there on a field trip that Ironyca led Monerda, myself and others on. But I don’t know or truly understand WoW.



As an artist and a human being it would be nice to think you can always do something of interest and meaning on some level, regardless of your circumstances, or your lack of familiarity with them. I’ve always loved that 1988 photo of Keith Haring doing a huge, seemingly impromptu, chalk drawing before a crowd in a Tokyo street for just that reason.

But I’d also prefer not to be the WoW-ignorant artist who just drops in and plops a random performance there because WoW is huge and it’s therefore become a trendy place to plop…

The good news is we know some peeps there and I’m hoping they’ll pitch in, yes with org help, but also to help think about what this performance wants to be.

• Ironyca, level 85, world’s greatest tour guide

• Monerda, level 40

Ironyca-lee, Monerda had never been to WoW till that VBCO field trip, but since then, I think she’s spent a lot more time in WoW than in Second Life.

Monerda attains level 40!

Here’s a recent photo of her on the occasion of attaining Level 40. Ironyca-lee, she sent me the photo by visiting the VB/CO Region of InWorldz and dropping it off there. (2011 is going to be such a Multiverse year!!)

(uggh! The InWorldz slurls don’t seem to work from a web browser, but you can paste them in chat InWorldz and they work just fine… well… just fine unless some genius decides to use, of all characters, a “/” in the name of her region… but anyway… if you’re in InWordz, just click on Map and search for VB/CO and teleport there!)

• LizSolo

Odyssey Art & Performance Simulator Co-Artistic Director LizSolo is a member of both the Second Life performance art group Second Front and the WoW performance art group Third Faction. She’s played WoW and been part of Third Faction’s /hug work in WoW

Liz uses her own lower level account normally, and apparently borrows her son’s high level account for special occasions! 😛

• Takira
I chatted with long-time VBCO cast member Takira the other day and she mentioned that she and her husband took a break from SL because of “domestic drama” there… where did they go during their break? WoW of course! After all this time and performances together I never even knew that Takira was a WoW player.

I’d really love to chat and brainstorm with Ironyca, Monerda, Liz, Takira and any other old or new friends who have thoughts on creating a performance art piece in WoW.

Stay tuned!


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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