VB21 – Gogbotahedron!


performance document @ Issuu

Video by NicoleX Moonwall at Vimeo:

VB/CO performance of “VB21 – Gogbotahedron” at GOGBOT 2010 at Enschede, The Netherlands FL & Neocortexx SL. Fractal-skinned avatars joined hands in a human lattice to create a giant dodecahedron, or “Gogbotahedron.”

Aero Bigboots
Agnes Sharple
Bouncing Box
Dallas Popstar
fen Shinn
Friday Blaisdale
Germaine Dufaux
Gliese Starslider
gina Broono
Jo Ellsmere
Joe Emoto
Joff Fassnacht
Laurel Leavitt
macar00n Earst
Palmindan Whybrow
Pennyroyal Calamity
pixel Reanimator
Samantha Seranno
SaveMe Okelli
Schnelles Wiesel
Una Metaluna
VanDelay Vacano
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Ze Moo


Neocortexx und Kafe Kruemelkram
Kueperpunk Korhonen
Ze Moo

Managing Director
Friday Blaisdale
Stage Managers
Forceme Silverspar
Bouncing Box

Casting Director
macar00n Earst
Tessarah Zepelin
Education Coordinator
Trilby Minotaur
Wardrobe Coordinator
NightOwl Meridoc
Script Girl
Lyssa Varun
Artistic Director
Vaneeesa Blaylock

An annual Art/Music/Technology/Media Festival produced by PLANETART Foundation. GOGBOT Festival has free access to exhibitions and events at over 10 locations in Enschede, The Netherlands. (Admission only for the indoor music events) GOGBOT is also happening global online in the virtual world Second Life. GOGBOT 2009 had around 15000 RL visitors. Enschede is an Arts, Business & Technology University town near the Dutch-German border crossing of rail & road route Amsterdam-Berlin.

Art & Design Competition
Create an image, a video or a 3D object or Avatar related to the GOGBOT 2010 Festival theme: “The Technological Singularity”

Virtual World Performance Artists

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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