VB Previz #36 – Gogbot

VB21 – Oh How We Suffer

Sunday 12 September 2010
10am – Noon SLT
5-7pm GMT
7-9pm CEST
3-5am Monday AEST
30 Avatars wearing Grrl / Boy “Fractal Skins” will unite to build a human dodecahedron and summon forth the technological singularity!!!

Hi folks, this is Ze Moo here at the Virtual Gogbot festival with Virtual World Performance Artist Vaneeesa Blaylock. Hi Vaneeesa, you’re going to be performing on Sunday?

Yes, Ze, thank you! We’ll be performing “VB21 Oh How We Suffer” this Sunday the 12th of September 2010 from 10am to Noon SLT. We’re really looking forward to seeing lots of avatars in our male and female “Fractal Skins” form a human dodecahedron.

What an exciting way to celebrate the technological singularity! Do you need volunteers?

Yes, we do! We need thirty avatars to make this structure and summon forth the transhuman moment! So come on down and join in our giant… uh…


Ha ha ha, well, let’s call it a “living sculpture.”

Do you actually believe in “The Singularity” Vaneeesa? Or are you just milking it for another performance opportunity?

Well, if you mean the “Ray Kurzweil Singularity,” some people think his timeline is a little “optimistic.” Christof Koch thinks he’s off by 100 years… Doug Hofstadter thinks he might be off by 500 years. So whether or not Ray gets to live forever, who knows… but other than “God thinks it’s cheeky,” there’s not much argument, in principle, that these kinds of technical-cultural evolutions can’t take place at some point. So, from the perspective of a single human life, we can argue about the timeline… but from the perspective of the fullness of time, we are, more-or-less, there.

It’s an amazing time and sure perhaps a scary or even sad time, but in honesty, I think there’s a lot of nostalgic baggage there. If you zoom out a bit, the sweep of the universe, life, intelligence, consciousness, culture, that got us to this 2010 moment is extraordinary and exciting and it is a bit arrogant to say, “oh, well, we really like this second, so let’s just freeze it and not have any more future.”

For me the adventure of intelligence in the universe is a lot like river rafting… where you’re going to go is a lot more about the river than it is about you. Still, if there’s a big rock in front of you, paddling a little to the left or right can give you a pretty different experience than smashing into the rock. So, I say, “grab your paddle, and let the river run!”

Thanks Vaneeesa! I hope everyone joins us here at Gogbot in Second Life at Neocortexx at Ataria 63, 173, 22 at 10am SLT this Sunday, the 12th of September 2010!

To join the cast of VB21 – Oh How We Suffer, please contact, in-world, one of the following:
VB/CO Managing Director: Friday Blaisdale
VB/CO Casting Director: macar00n Earst
VB/CO Stage Manager: Forceme Silverspar



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As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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  1. ROTFL @ falsified chatlog!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! or did i actually say all that without typonese? Then I must have been drugged!?! …


  2. And hey, I actually want to be an Extra as well in this show! But is that not to corrupt for a SL festival director to be IN a SL sculpture? …


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