Field Trip to WoW

The poll results are in, and you’ve overwhelmingly chosen Alliance: Night Elves as our “race” for our Field Trip to WoW. Thanks to VB/CO Script Girl Lyssa Varun for helping organize this.

Our pal Ama Ree from Odyssey has helped out with some additional information: apparently one big difference between Second Life & WoW is that in WoW you can’t cross servers! Suddenly a little bit of “rubber-banding” at region crossings doesn’t seem so bad anymore!

So, even more important than Race, we need to be on the same Server. Also, apparently EU & USA have different regulations and it’s difficult or impossible to talk to someone in the other domain. However you can sign-up across country/continent. Ama suggests that if everyone signs up on an EU server, that it’ll be easier for us all to actually meet up.

Our actual field trip is this Saturday at Noon SLT:


Sat 14 Aug 2010 – Noon SLT
Realm: RP
Class: {Your Choice} (I picked “Warrior” cause the sword was shiny & dramatic)
Name: {Your Choice} (I picked “Veebee” – I think you only get 1-word names)
You can do all this on Saturday if you like… or… you can sign up for your 10-day Free Trial anytime now, and be ready for Saturday.

Ama says if we don’t all sign up thru the EU server, we won’t be able to tour together. If you live outside North America, you should just be able to go to

and run thru everything. If you live in the United States, you do the same thing, but you have to keep looking at the URL in your browser… it may have a tendency to change the url from:
http://eu.battle….. to….. http://us.battle…..

if if does that, just hilite the “us” and change it to “eu” and hit enter.

I’ve signed up already, it’s pretty easy. I’ve wandered around for a few minutes, killed a couple of beasts and been killed a bunch of times already by creepy spiders and such. I haven’t made any “friends” yet (I’ve only actually talked to “bots” so far! 😛

I’ll add friend-ing info when I have it.

Also, I could easily have some of this info wrong, so please do add comments to this post with any Corrections or Additional information.

And please add comments to this post with your Avatar Name once you get it… and we can start friending each other.

kk, here goes!

(PS: if you click on any image you’ll see a 100% screen image that’s more readable)

Go to and ask for… Demand! your 10-day free trial!

Make sure you have “eu” in the URL, and select the Europe radio button.

Then you get an Email and you can DOWNLOAD & INSTALL
(hey! how come the babe in this email has so much better skin/shape/hair than my crappy noob avatar is about to look like??? It’s flippin false Linden Lab advertising again!! Oh… wait… this isn’t from LL, is it??? Ha ha — somebody new to complain about! 🙂

Then I wound up on this sort of confusing screen… but I just clicked “Click Here” and asked for a WoW account.

So I made the account and it wanted me to verify my email so now I’m verified!

And then — checking for “eu” in the URL… you can download for Mac or PC

Then Install, Run, Logon!

• English
• RP
and hit “Select Realm”

Pick the ARGENT DAWN server / realm

and Create a New Character!

Now Pick:
and the rest is up to you:
• Gender: your choice
• Class: any it will let you pick
• any of the crappy avatar style choices
• Name: your choice
and “accept”

And there you are… Enter World!

And now you’re In-World!
Begin a Quest – go kill stuff – make some friends!

DO comment below if you have Additions or Corrections on any of this info.
DO comment below and give us your Avatar Name so we can find/friend you.

On Saturday I, “Veebee” will be in WoW… and I, “Vaneeesa Blaylock” will also be at home at Biscuit Bay / An Li, so if you need any help you can always drop by our place in SL:

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

12 thoughts on “Field Trip to WoW

  1. Hi, I’m a WoW player and I play on Argent Dawn-EU. Let me know if you need a tour-guide on Saturday, I’d be happy to help 🙂

  2. I haven’t created my account yet, so I don’t have an in-game nick, but this sounds really interesting, and I’ve been meaning to try WoW out for a while, ever since my friend talked about it when doing some research on its social effects. Just letting you know, so you don’t get weirded out if you end up with some random extra dude following you around. Will probably make a rogue…

  3. Hi Ironyca,

    SLT or “Second Life Time” is California time (where Second Life maker Linden Lab is headquartered) So in Summer SLT = PDT = GMT-7 and in Winter SLT = PST = GMT-8.

    Paris is currently CEST or GMT+2, so CEST = SLT+9 and our Noon Saturday SLT = 9pm Sat Paris / CEST.

    BTW, as if all time-zone stuff wasn’t confusing enough already, the “S” can have opposite meanings from Europe to Australia/USA.

    CET is Central European Time, which is observed in Winter, and CEST is “Summer” time, observed in Summer.

    PST is Pacific “Standard” Time which is observed in Winter, and PDT is “Daylight savings” time observed in Summer.

    Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Australian winter is European/American summer. AEST is Australian Eastern “Standard” Time and is observed in Australian winter. Therefore Australian “Standard” time occurs during roughly the same months as European “Summer” time, or American “Daylight” time.

    Note that Europe / USA / Australia don’t change clocks on the exact same weeks.

    kk – I totally apologize for bringing all that up. Anyway, our field trip to WoW will start at:
    Sat 14 Aug, Noon SLT / PDT or
    Sat 14 Aug, 9pm CEST or
    Sun 15 Aug, 5am AEST

    If anybody happens to be in Australia and want to join us, but doesn’t want to get up at 5am, I’m sure we’ll hang out for hours, so just look for us when you get on.

    As I understand it, wherever on earth you live, you should follow the steps shown above to get on the EU/Argent Dawn server in order to hang with us. If you need any help getting hooked up, feel free to post a comment here. For those coming over from Second Life, I, “Vaneeesa Blaylock” will also be in-world there and you can IM me for help.

    Thanks for the info – shame we only get to see “2006 WoW” – I guess Blizzard thinks that’s compelling enough to get started and give them money! 😛 It probably is enough for us to get a taste anyway. We’re totally happy for whatever tour you can give us – thanks so much!

    Hi Passerby!
    Yes, by all means join us – anyone’s welcome! It will probably be a pretty small group, but we’re really excited about experiencing another virtual world. Love to hear your thoughts on social effects etc.

    I’m sure I’m biased, but I suspect Second Life is more macho that WoW – after all, who can’t slay a giant beastie, but to battle the relentless lag of Second Life – THAT takes real courage and stamina! 😛

    See you all in about 18 hours… or less! 🙂

    — VeeBee

  4. I thought you might find this video I made relevant. It shows every zone in the game with one snapshot. (took a looong time to take all those screenshots) It can give you an idea of further content in WoW, especially the areas that are out of bounds for trial accounts 🙂

    Thanks again for tonight!

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